March 31, 2007

Cake Decorating Course 1 Lesson 1

I was excited when I learned that Wilton Method of Cake Decorating will be offered in Doha. But the course fee is QR 700 ($200) for four 3-hr sessions so I was hesitant. I think it's expensive considering that the course is very basic. Heny Sison offers cake decorating for only P4,000 (Course 1)for a two day class (16 hours) including all the ingredients. Finally, after much thoughts, I gave in and signed up for Course 1 (the first of three courses). Afterall, everything is more expensive here than in the Philippines (except gasolilne). I paid the course fee rightaway after I made my decision. I chose a Saturday schedule (10 AM to 1 PM) because I work full time during weekdays.

Today is the first of four sessions and since my Saturday activities are affected, I decided to accomplish a few things before proceeding to my class. Between 730 AM and 10 AM, I dropped my brother to work, had a car wash, had photos taken for passport renewal and US visa application and I booked a flight for our planned vacation. I arrived a few minutes before the 10 AM schedule; but to my surprise, lessons have already started. I was so upset because I was not informed that the schedule was move from 10AM to 930 AM. By the time I came, the instructor have already demonstrated how to mix the buttercream icing, which made me more upset because I missed one of the most important part of today's lessons. The instruction for mixing the icing is easy to follow and I already have a background of basic cakes and icing, which I learned from Heny Sison. But then, it's always good to watch actual demonstration because there might be new techniques, which I could learn from the instructor.

We were taught how to make a buttercream icing, the different types of icing consistency, how to color the icing, proper positioning of the hands and decorating bags, how to cut a cake crosswise, how to cover the cake with icing, etc. ;) Different tools were introduced e.g. icing tips, coupler, decorating bags, cake slicer, etc. For our practice, we were provided with a prepared icing and a small cake. Following the techniques, we learned, we iced the cake. It's not as easy as it seemed, but it was fun! I was just a bit disappointed that the cake provided for our practice was almost inedible. It was so hard you can knock on it ;) Okay, it was exagge.... but it's a waste of money because the iced cakes just went straight to the bin!

Our assignment for next week is to bring an 8-in round cake iced with light blue buttercream icing and medium consistency icing (red, orange, green and violet) for the decoration. I am thinking of baking a chocolate cake or a mocha chiffon cake. Wow, yummy...

Second disappointment is I didn't expect that we will be providing our own cake and icing for the next lessons. I think the course fee of QR 700 for four sessions is really expensive and should include the ingredients already. The course provider should have at least informed us that ingredients is not included in the course fee and provided us a list of recommended tools, which are not included in the kit. It's not required to buy all the tools but everyone did and they seem not to mind the price (probably because they are spending their husband's money?).

To save some money, I did not buy the complete set of cake decorating tools. The complete set would have costed QR 540 just for the tools exlcuding the cake cuddy (QR 65), the revolving cake stand (Qr 53) and other miscellaneous materials e.g. piping gels, icing colors, etc. Besides, I don't think I need all the decorating tools for this course. But despite my money saving strategy, I still ended up spending QR 500 ($137) for the tools and accessories! Now my simple hobby turned out to be an expensive vice. I cannot believe I spent that much money for a hobby (which is currently not in my budget and not a priority) at the time I am cutting down my expenses and I am so hook with personal finance! How ironic, isn't it? On the positive side, these tools will make cake decoration a lot easier.

Now I know why I had second thoughts...I should have followed my instinct and just put off the lessons after our vacation! But I can't turn my back now. I'm already trapped! The only way to justify all my spendings is do my best and to make the most out of this course.


Anonymous said...

At least you learned that the lessons here in the Philippines are much more value for money. Learn as much and get all the techniques (plus all the materials). Alam mo, when you go back here, malay mo you can start a cooking/baking school too.

Heny Sison should give you a free lessons for the advertisement :-)

Nina said...

Grabe, may kasunod pa ito - pano akong napamahal sa pagtitipid ko. hehehe

Marc Co said...

Wilton – is the number one brand in the US for cake decorating equipments. the official reseller of Wilton products in the Philippines is Gourdo’s Stores. so they also got the license to teach Wilton Course 1 2 & 3 and other advance cake decorating classes. call 8123022 to inquire for their classes, or visit their website at I have a friend who studied with wilton and now operates a cake decorated shop at multiply, the whole days of the month december 2010 she’s already booked for an order. =)

jamshi said...

pls can u say me from where did you buy cake decorating tool kit, i am searching rhe revolving cake stand for a long timein qatar .pls help.