March 30, 2007

Spending Weekend

Our typical weekend is nothing special. We usually go to the mall to shop (most of the time - window shop) and watch a movie or simply stay home and do some office work. Yeah...quite boring! Sometimes, we run out of malls to go to and we get tired of seeing the same shops and boutiques ;) But I like Fridays because it's a good time to catch-up with family and friends (especially those who are online during weekdays only) and I can surf the net to the max.

As much as possible, I prepare our meals during weekends to make up for not cooking during workdays ;) Usually, I cook Filipino dishes and snacks - either pasta, noodles, or any typical Filipino "mirienda" and when I got spare time, I bake cookies, brownies or cakes.

Today, I cooked lunch, surfed the net, chatted with some friends and my Aunt. In the afternoon, we went to Doha City Center because my brother wants to buy an HP printer but unfortunately the model he likes was out of stock. Carrefour didn't want to sell the last piece on display. Isn't it weird? I mean, not all buyers would be willing to buy a last piece item. We went home empty handed :( Then, we watched The Protector (starring Tony Jaa), It's a nice movie, I enjoyed it! It's a bit violent but tolerable (at least for me) as compared to Kill Bill and Gangs and New York.

That's it - nothing special... Tomorrow will be busier and hopefully exciting!

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