April 10, 2007

Another Career Milestone

I just concluded another project and I submitted the final report to the client last Sunday. I consider all my completed projects as a career milestone because as a consultant, experience and expertise is gained based on the different projects done.

Working on this particular project is very challenging. The project itself is very simple but the client representative whom I dealt with was unimaginable. There were times, I really got upset. It's so frustrating. In fact, I was telling my colleagues that I do not want to work with this person for the next six months, atleast. I need a break....;)

My client is a good person but he can be cranky at times and if he sees something wrong (e.g. wrong spelling), even how minor, he really makes a big deal out of it. While wrapping up the draft document (just before we submitted the final one) I almost lost my patience when he called my boss to say I didn't do this or that ..... I did not put the correct reference and to my dismay, he was complaining on something that we already explained to him since the beginning of the project! Gosh.... unbelievable... Good thing, my boss is on my side!

There were many lessons learned, some for our improvement and some are just simply how to make this person satisfied and how to avoid getting him upset. Hayyyyy!!!! But all is well that ends well!

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