April 14, 2007

Cake Decorating Course 1 Lesson 3

We're done with Lesson 3. Highlight of Lesson 3 include figure piping, flowers and we made clowns out of buttercream icing.

I decorated nine cupcakes. The colors are not well-coordinated because icings were really intended for the clowns.

These are practice for drop flowers. My icing consistency is too thin for the flowers.

These are practice for the roses, which we will be using next week for the final project.

This is the highlight of the day...the clowns! I gave these cupcakes our neighbor's kids!

Next week will be the our last session and as a final project, we will decorate a cake using the different techniques we learned such as boarder (e.g. star, shell), flowers (drop flowers, roses), etc. Gosh, I am excited! I am not yet very good but I'll do my best in my final project.

Course 2 will start in June and unfortunately, I won't be available during that time. I also wanted to take a break because because of my hectic schedule plus I've aready spent a lot of money on these and I keep on spending more every week. The tools and bakeware are so tempting...I wanna buy them all.


Artpuppy said...

Those cupcakes look great! You have a lot of talent. :)

Anonymous said...

wow! the cupcakes look so good! parang ayaw ko na kainin hehehe... ganda ng blog mo ;) ill add u to my blog roll ha and reply to your query via a blog post.

Heart of Rachel said...

Lovely cupcakes! I like the clown cupcakes. Must have taken lots of patience and effort to make them.

Anonymous said...

ooohhh they're so cute! i like the clowns best but the roses look very nice too. sure looks yummy! :-)