April 26, 2007

Cake Decorating Final Project

I did it! I've completed the Wilton Method of Cake Decorating Course 1. As a final project, we decorated a round cake with roses.

I chose to decorate my cake with spray of lavender roses tied with a lavender bow. The side of the cake is decorated with small flowers and the shell border is accented with swet peas flowers.
This the side view of my cake. As you can see the icing is not very smooth. I had a problem with the icing. For some reason, it was melting!!!

This is the sweat peas flower.

This is the small flower at the side of the cake with white dot center.

These are my classmate's cakes. Everyone has different styles and used different colorings.

This cake was also done by one of my classmates. Her design is similar to the model cake in the book. She's really good and I think, she's he most creative and talented among us.

It took me more than 12 hours to complete icing my cake. I didn't know why the icing was melting. My classmates had similar problem and they think it was the shortening. Probably because the temperature is getting hotter now? It was really crazy... I mean, we are using shortening, instead of butter because it's not suppose to melt.

The brand of icing sugar I used (Taikoo) was lumpy and sifting takes too much time so I had to run to the supermarket to buy another brand (Whitworths). It's not lumpy and the icing is smoother but it was dusty.

I did not level the cake thinking that the icing can do the trick. The result? The cake is not levelled.

Lesson's Learned:

1. According to my classmates, if there is a trace of melted shortening in the packaging, do not use the shortening.
2. Sifting a lumpy icing sugar can take so much time.
3. Always level the cake.
4. Prepare the roses and flowers ahead of time.

I'm sure there are more things to learn as I continue to develop this skill. But I'm really determined to be good in this craft. I plan to bake and decorate at least one cake per month and I will try other types icing too.

Unfortunately, I won't be able able to take Course 2 until I get back from my vacation (in July) because of conflict in schedule but that's okay because I'm so busy in my work too.

Overall, I think the course was good although it's quite expensive. I would recommend it to those who want to learn cake decoration. I am making an assessment of Course 1 in another blog.

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