April 17, 2007

Night Shift

My husband went to work tonight to cover the shift of one of his colleagues. He used to work on 4-day shift (2 days-2 nighst and 4 days off) but it's been more than a year since he was working as day staff.

For two years, we had to put up with his shift schedule. It was difficult. Sometimes, I couldn't sleep at night. Then, there were times we won't see each other during his night-shifts. I used to work from 8AM until nobody knows when. Sometimes, when my husband comes home, I already left for work and when I come home, he has gone to work already.

On the bright side, a shifting schedule also had advantages. When my husband's off days fall on a weekday, he is able to do stuff that can be done during weekdays only (e.g. banking transaction)...but I really would prefer for him not to work on night shift.

I miss my husband! I hope he'll be back to his regular schedule, soon!

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