April 11, 2007

Racing with Time Again

Quoting Murphy's Law again: "If something can go wrong, it will"

I was supposed to have an 8AM meeting in Ras Laffan yesterday. Before proceeding, I stop by our Office print copies of A3 drawings. I had those drawings scanned on my way home the day before my meeting so I can print multiple copies because our office doesn't have a colored photocopier.

6 copies of A3 drawings saved in 1 file...Gosh, it took forever to print! I wanted to cry...I'm nearly in tears. I'm so late already but I need the printed drawings. I finished printing at 7:30 AM. There's no way I'm gonna reach Ras Laffan at 8AM. The fastest I've ever done is 45 minutes but up to the gate only.

What to expect? I drive at a record-breaking speed again. I was driving atleast 140-150 kph (limit is 120 kph) and slowing down every time there is a speed camera. It's not fun! I do not enjoy puting my own life in danger. I know it's not a good excuse..but I'm running late. I reached the client's office, 30 minutes late. But for the record, this is the first time, I was late in my meeting. I'm glad this client is more understanding.

Btw, I checked the website and thank God, I didn't have any violation, otherwise, it will be QR 300 penalty!

Thank God also I reached Ras Laffan in one-piece.

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