April 22, 2007

When Things Go Wrong

It's so frustrating when things go out of your control and you just can't do anything about it. Here are perfect examples:

Since last night, I've been trying to post a blog entry and upload the photos of my final project for the my cake decorating course. Unfortunately, after uploading the pictures, I lost my blog in all three attempts. I'll give up for now coz a lot of time have been wasted. I'l l be very busy this week but I'll try to upload as soon as I can.

It took more than 12 hours to prepare for my final cake project. Yes, I started at 11 in the morning (Friday) and finished nobody knows when. All I remember is I slept early morning the following day (Saturday), a few hours before my lesson starts. I had problems with my icing. I can't believe it's melting when in fact I used a shortening and not butter. I am not sure if the warm temperature is affecting my icing. I really do not know what's wrong...... All I know is that I have to scrape the icing off my cake and start mixing a new one to ice. huh?...

We're applying for a US visa but I was too busy to go to the bank and pay. When I finally had the time, I was surprised the bank asked for our passport. The website did not say to bring passport or the application when paying. The bank told me they want to make sure our names in the receipts will match the one in our passports. When I came back last Thursday, I didn't have enough money because my bank wouldn't allow me to withdraw money. I wonder if it's a sign not push through with the application. Grrrrr..... When i came back for the thrid time, I made sure I have enough cash and our passports. Okay, the receptionist wrote our names in capital letters and it was copied correctly. But she wrote Philippines as Philipens. *sigh* And they think I will spell my name incorrectly? *sigh*

I can't withdraw from my ATM since Thursday night. Take note - of all the days, it happened on Thursday night when the following days are weekends and banks are closed so over the counter withdrawal is not possible. I called my bank - HSBC everyday and the customer service representative (CSR) told me it's a network problem and try again after one or two hours. But today, when I called, the CSR he told me I should visit my branch to fix the problem. It's so frustrating because the very reason I moved to HSBC is their better quality of service compared to other banks. But since I switched to this bank last month, I 've had a couple of problems on internet banking, etc. Just imagine, if I am not with my husband, I'll be stuck in a some foreign country without cash, etc. Grrrrr.....

I guess that's what you call LIFE!

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Heart of Rachel said...

Sorry that some things didn't work out the way you planned them too. I guess we all experience days like that from time to time. Don't worry, I'm sure you'll have better days ahead.

BTW, I want to thank you for your comment on my post regarding "Friends Gone Astray." I'm truly sorry for your loss. It must have been difficult not to say your final goodbye 'coz you live so far from her. But I'm sure Paulyn felt your sincere sympathy and sadness from a distance. There's still hope for me and Pauline and hope we'll get a chance to resolve things.