May 9, 2007

Almost an Accident

The car in front of us made a sudden stop so my husband had to step on the brakes as fast as he could to avoid collision. Unfortunately, the car (2nd car) in our back hit us. I am very sure that we were hit because after a long screeching sound, I've felt the restraining force of my seat belt for the second time (the first time was when my husband stepped on the brakes). Upon realizing what happened, I began to imagine how big was the damage and more than that, I was horrified at the thought of not having a car for a few days and all the inconvenience it will cause me.

Luckily, when my husband and my brother inspected the damage, it was a very minor scratch only, which can be removed by car wax. In fact, we were wondering if the car really hit us because the 2nd car was actually a few feet away. We also found out that the back of the 2nd car was badly damaged by another car (3rd car) and the lady driver was really shocked. We never knew what happened next because we already left the scene after learning that the scratch is so small - it's not worth the inconvenience.

Lesson: It is important to wear the seat belt and if there are rear seat belts encourage the passengers to use them. My brother and my uncle weren't wearing their seat belts and they could have been hurt. Second, it is important to be a defensive driver and to be careful all the time. The accident rate in Qatar still remain high despite the campaign efforts on road safety.

I think it's another blessing that we escape what could have been a big accident.

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