May 24, 2007

Pampering Myself

As I am celebrating my birthday tomorrow, I thought of going to the saloon to pamper myself. I had an oil massage, pedicure, hair cut and hot oil from my favorite saloon (Thai Massage and Saloon) at Al-Kinana St. near Al-Naser - Al-Sadd area. Normally, I prefer Emil's massage but this week, our schedule didn't match. I'll be busy tomorrow because I'm planning to bake a cake and prepare some food.

The massage is so good and relaxing - I fell asleep ;) Emil's massage is harder though. For hair and feet matters, only Thai Massage and Saloon can satisfy my expectation. Their hairdresser is Thai and I like her because she takes her time when working on my hair - from shampooing, hair-cut and other treatments. The pedicurist is Filipina and I like her because she's gentle. One Filipina pedicurist I've tried sometime ago made all my toes bled - I was horrified! Anyway, my pedicurist asked me what is my regimen for my face. Hmmm... My face is not flawless but the moisturizer that I am using is also supposed to lighten blemishes. I think it's working! I'll write another blog on that.

Before going home, I drop-by Toys R Us to buy a brithday gift for our neighbor's son - who is also celebrating his birthday tomorrow. There are some Barbie at discounted price and I bought a bunch! Hehehehe for gifts when I go home for vacation.

When I got home, my husband is already sleeping and normally, if my husband is already asleep, I would just turn-on the bathroom's light so as not to wake him up. I kissed him then when I lifted my head, I noticed a figure dressing table shaped like a bouquet of flowers. It was roses of different colors! I was touched because I didn't expect to receive flowers. The last time he gave me flowers was three years ago ;). I think it was a really sweet guesture.

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