May 5, 2007

A Week Full of Blessings

Last week was a week full of great blessings and I'm very grateful for that.

First, we got our US Visa, which in my opinion is the ultimate visa in the whole wide world. I believe US Visa is the most difficult to get as compared to other visas. But frankly, US Visa requirements is the easiest to comply (at least in Qatar, you only need employment letter and bank statement). The only hard part really is convincing the consul that we will not overstay in the US and we were able to do it!

Second, I finally got an incentive, which my boss have been trying to work out (me not knowing about it) for a few months already. Actually, my boss was also surprised that it was finally approved. He really wouldn't know if I didn't inform him about it. Sorry guys, I cannot reveal it here but I'm sure you already have an idea what was it. I am very happy because it was unexpected. I must say, I'm now more motivated to work than ever.

I thank God for all the blessings and the good things that He's been giving me! There's nothing more I could ask for, except for one last blessing - a baby - which I hope He'll give me very soon!

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