June 26, 2007

My First Parking Ticket

The Police gave me a ticket for illegal parking. It's my second time to park in that area but it's my first time to get a ticket. Well, serves me a lesson to always park in a proper place!

Now, I need to pay QAR 200 (US$ 55) as penalty. Grrrrr....

Photo Hunt: Shiny

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I know this is a late post but better late than never. I had difficulty finding a photo for the shiny theme ;). Below is the Flame of Liberty, an exact replica of Statue of Liberty's flame. It sits above the entrance to the Paris tunnel (Pont de l'Alma) where Diana, Pricess of Whales had the fatal accident. This marker is in no way related to Diana's death but in the past years tourists have used it as a makeshift memorial.

June 23, 2007

Catching Up with Fellow Photo Hunters

I haven't been able to post anything since June 9th. I was away traveling to US (Austin and New York) and just got back this week. It was very unfortunate that I missed the theme "shoes" one of the things I really love.

Perhaps, former Philippine First Lady Imelda Marcos just popped into your mind. I just realized how famous her shoes were when I told my boss I bought shoes in the US and he suddenly blurted out "Oh, like Imelda Marcos." It's been 21 years since those shoes were shown to the world and the world still remember the shoes!

Technically, I am already a candidate for deletion in the Photo Hunter Blog Roll. But I'll catch up with this week's theme - SHINY. I promise to post mine tomorrow.

I would like to apologize also if I'm not able to visit other blogs regularly. I'll do my best to do more visits in the days to come!

June 1, 2007

Photo Hunt 60: Art

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Henna Painting is quite popular here and other Arab countries. The picture and henna painting above was taken in Dubai, UAE in May 2006.