July 5, 2007

How Much Time Do You Spend for Blogging?

I asked the question because I realized that reading feeds and posting an entry can take a lot of time. When we went to US (for two weeks) last June, I had 100 unread feeds in my Google reader despite the fact that from time to time during those two weeks, I read the feeds for my favorite blogs whenever I got a chance. It took me sometime to read all of them - not to mention that I also had tons of e-mails to read both official and personal.

My friend once told me that she can write a blog in 15 minutes - but that is simple blog - no photos and no links. I am really amazed because a simple blog will take me more than 15 minutes to write. I find that adding photos makes one's blog more interesting but can be time-consuming as well especially if you need to re-size, etc. No, I'm not whining I am just frustrated because I have a lot of things in mind that I wanted to write about but I don't have the time.

So how much time do you devote to posting and reading blogs?

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Liz Hinds said...

Too much!! I blog loads to empty out my brain!

And it alwsy takes longer thanI think it will.

Writing isn't too bad because I have normally written in my head what I am going to say, but visiting and reading and commenting on those blogs I want to visit/read/comment takes much longer. Some people write enormous posts and I just don't have time to read them no matter how much I want to.

But I do love blogging and the way it brings me into contact with people all over the world, some of whom I consider as real friends. And I learn a lot about other places.