July 5, 2007

I am Giong Back to the Philippines!!!

I remember the famous group MENUDO (where Ricky Martin was a former member) had a song entitled "I am Going Back to the Philippines." I don't remember much as I was only eight then but I think the song was created when they returned to the Philippines for a concert.

Anyway, we're going home for a month of vacation. I am excited to see my family, relatives and old friends. We're planning to do a lot of things and visit some interesting places. Originally, our plan is to go up North but since it's already rainy season, we might not push through. Alternative plan is to go to Palawan. We'll see what will happen.

I already started packing and guess what? One balik-bayan box is already filled with presents. I have shipped a large box last June and we shipped another one before we left United States. Hahahahaha.... So right now, I have three boxes full of goodies. I still need to pack other things (my clothes, old clothes and some stuff I wanna get rid of).

Gosh, I always have this indescribable super excited feeling whenever we go back to the Philippines for a visit especially when the plane hits the ground and the flight attendant starts her PA by saying, "MABUHAY! We have just landed at Ninoy Aquino International Airport......."

There's really no place like home!

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