September 29, 2007


Found this video at you tube. Watch how actual LASIK surgery is done. The surgery was actually done at St. Lukes International Eye Institute, Vision Laser Center by Dr. Joey.

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LASIK at Asian Eye Institute Part 2

Recently, I had LASIK surgey at Asian Eye Institute. I'd like to share my experience especially to those who are considering LASIK surgery.

Before the surgery I underwent screening to determine if I am qualified for LASIK. A team of doctors led by Dr. Robert Ang, performed different examinations. Some of them were done while my eyes are dilated. During the examination of my retina, Dr. Veloso found that a tiny partion of my retina is already thin and also needs a laser treatment to prevent possible retinal detachment in the future. In addition, I will only be allowed to do LASIK if my retinal problems will be treated first. On that same day, I had the laser treatment because I was terrified with the possibility of getting blind if retinal detachment occurs.

The Surgery
On the day of the surgery, I was advised to use mild soap and mild shampoo and not to use any perfume, cream, lotion, shampoo and other similar stuff. I believe fragrance can interfere with the laser.

Before the LASIK procedure, I was given a mild sedative to calm me and anesthetic drops to numb my eyes. I felt a slight discomfort when the anesthetic drops are applied but it went away after a few seconds. LASIK itself took just a few minutes per eye. I didn’t feel any pain although the device used to keep the eyes open made me slightly uncomfortable.

You can a watch an animation of LASIK surgery here.

I was given safety glasses to protect my eyes on my way out of the clinic as well as antibiotics and anti-inflammatory eye drops. After only six hours, I can already read, watch the television and I can already tell that my vision is a lot better even if it’s still blurry.

After the Surgery
Just like any surgery, there were restrictions after the procedure. Safety goggles has to be worn for one week. Scratching the eyes or putting pressure in the eyes is a no-no. I wore my safety glasses for a few weeks even while sleeping because I’m scared that I might accidentally scratch my eyes. Eyes must be avoided during shower in the first three days. Full/ regular shower is only resumed after the 4th day. Swimming is not allowed for a month. Blood clots will be visible but that’s normal and will go away after two weeks. Vision fluctuation and halos during night time are normal. According to Dr. Ang, vision will stabilized and halos will disappear after three months. So far, I didn’t experience any extreme vision fluctuations and I can drive at night even with those halos. From time to time, I experienced discomfort due to dryness of the eyes, which is just normal. I was given an eye lubricant to relief dryness.

Cash and credit cards are accepted. Note that only facility fee may be settled with a credit card. Professional fees are paid in cash.

So far so good! I think it’s one of my best decisions ever. I’m so glad I had LASIK. Before the surgery, I cannot function without my eye glasses. Now, I am not anymore dependent on my eye glasses. If you are considering LASIK surgery, you might want to read some information on LASIK at FDA website.

For screening, you may call or e-mail Asian Eye Institute to set an appointment or fill-out the appointment form in their website. The cost of screening will be deducted from the total cost of the surgery, in case you qualify and decided to do it.


AEI Rockwell: (632) 898-2020 – trunk line

AEI TriNoma: (63) 917-897-2020 – trunk line

For maps and driving directions click here.

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When I went home for vacation last July -August, I had a LASIK surgery at Asian Eye Institute. I've been contemplating to do it in order to reduce my dependency on eye glasses or contact lenses. But then, I’ve always had reservations because no matter how simple LASIK procedure may seem, it’s still a SURGERY and there are risks associated with LASIK.

So what convinced me to do it? There are people I know personally who have done it. After talking to them about their experience and hearing positive feedbacks and encouragement, I decided to give it a go. Initially, my plan is just to undergo the screening and have the surgery in my next vacation but fickle minded as I am, I proceeded with the surgery for two reasons.

First, if I do it in my next vacation, I will need to repeat the screening. I was scared that I might not be qualified anymore by that time.

Second, my spectacles already need replacement. If I delay my operation, I need to buy new eye glasses and contact lenses. I normally use transition lenses to have instant sunglasses when I’m out in the sun while for contact lenses, I use the toric type because of my astigmatism. These things plus a nice, durable frame can be expensive. Instead of spending a few thousand of pesos for something that I will replace/discard later on, I thought I’ll just use that money for my surgery to correct my vision permanently.

So what is LASIK?

LASIK stands for Laser-Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis and is a procedure that permanently changes the shape of the cornea, the clear covering of the front of the eye, using an excimer laser. A knife, called a microkeratome, is used to cut a flap in the cornea. A hinge is left at one end of this flap. The flap is folded back revealing the stroma, the middlesection of the cornea. Pulses from a computer-controlled laser vaporize a portion of the stroma and the flap is replaced

To know more about LASIK, visit the US FDA website.

So there I go, when I finally decided, I called Asian Eye Institute and set-up an appointment , had my screening and the surgery.

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September 26, 2007

Pinoy Men

Are Filipino guys more traditional? If so, does that mean their values are more intact than that of foreigners?

Not necessarily. People are different and we cannot generalized based on nationalities.

Is the stereotype true that Westerners have a less of a sense of spirituality?

Spirituality does not relate to nationality. Anyone can be spiritual or atheist.

What about a foreigner’s view of commitment in a relationship?

I think foreigners are frank-enough to speak their mind. I believe they say when they are ready for a commitment or not.

How are they as mates- are they jealous, possessive?

Can't really say, I didn't have any romantic relationship with a foreigner. But based on my observations, foreigner are more open-minded.

Is it true that normally a stronger woman is better of with a foreigner?

A strong woman is better off with a strong man. Not only foreigners have strong personality.

Sorry folks, can't relate with the questions. I am married to a Filipino guy and never had any romantic relationship with a foreigner although at one point in my life, I dreamt of marrying a foreigner.

I'm tagging:

Nette - Philippines

Cates - Canada

Cynts - Philippines

September 24, 2007

Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR) in Qatar

LDAR Services in Qatar:

  • LDAR Program Development and Implementation
  • P&ID Markings
  • Component Identification
  • Component Tagging
  • Technician Training
  • Technical Support
  • LDAR Audit
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Consultancy Services

For inquiries, please contact:

P.O. Box 22108
Doha, Qatar

Tel No. +974 4130834
Fax No. +974 4130835

September 19, 2007


This is a survey posted by Reyna Elena in her blog. Here are my answers:

  • How satisfied are you with your job? Right now, I am very satisfied with my job - both in terms of work and financial aspects.

  • Are you fulfilling your childhood dreams? In essence I think - YES- but not exactly as I've imagined my future then. When I was in grade school my dream is to become a Chemical Engineer and work for a multinational or top company, study MBA, climb the corporate ladder, buy my own car, my house, etc. I did become a Chemical Engineer and I had my first job at a petrochemical plant. But then I realized that I really wanted to do environmental work instead and that's my job now so I consider my childhood dream fulfilled. I think it's normal to go through paradigm shifts in one's life. The only thing I am yet to fulfill is obtaining MBA but I did enroll in Master of Engineering in Environmental Engineering and Management and I just need to do my project to get the full-pledge degree. At this point in my life, I am not anymore wishing to climb the corporate ladder. A few years ago, I had another paradigm shift and the goal I'm tyring to achieve now is to obtain financial freedom and move out of the 8-5 job.

  • What would be your dream job? I've always wanted to have a job that has a lot of travel opportunities within and outside the Philippines. I didn't land into that kind of job but it's okay because I'm still able to travel to different places.

  • What’s the most satisfying part of your job? I feel good when my clients are happy with my work.

  • What’s the most important quality of a great boss? A good mentor and motivator. I also like a boss who can defend his people and stand for his people through difficult times.

  • What’s the best job-related advice you’ve ever received? First, "if you are not happy with your job anymore, leave" and second, "always protect yourself." As a young employee, I was so naive and I trust too much so I end up getting blamed for things I did not do. But through time, I learned to protect myself and be careful of people around me.

  • What’s the one thing/person you hate at work and why? I hate to work with people who steal credit for work they did not do.

How about you?

Math Quiz: There is a bus with seven (7) girls inside...

This is fun! Let's see if you are a real Math wizard!


There is a bus with 7 girls inside,
Each girl has 7 bags,
Inside each bag, there are 7 Big cats,
Each Big cat has 7 small cats,
All cats have 4 Legs each !

Question: How many Legs are there inside the bus?

I have the excel file that illustrates how the correct answer was arrived. Unfortunately, I cannot upload it here. If you want a copy, leave me a note and an e-mail address or e-mail me privately through the e-mail provided in my profile. I also posted the solution here.

September 18, 2007

My New Kenwood Stand Mixer

I've always thought of buying this Kenwood Stand Mixer in lieu of my much desired Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer because Kenwood is more than 50% cheaper. But then, I really don't want to settle for a second choice especially I have very specific reasons why I like Kitchen Aid (e.g. capacity, availability of spare parts and accessories).

So what made me decide to have it? Because it's FREE!!! My husband had enough reward points from Airmiles to get it at no cost at all. Isn't it great?

By the way, I would have prefered the white one but it's not available.

September 17, 2007

Can You Sing Lupang Hinirang?

I'm a proud Pinay and I mean it! I am also proud that I can sing Lupang Hinirang and I can recite Panatang Makabayan by heart.

Watch this video of Christian Bautista as he sing Lupang Hinirang with missing lyrics. This is really embarassing!

What are we getting for our OWWA & PhilHealth payments?

Below are interesting letters sent to Inquirer by our fellow OFWs. I have exactly the same question as the Title.

When you read the news or you listen to our politicians, OFWs often get praises for being new modern heroes of our country. We all know also that OFW remittances are the saviour of Philippine economy. But come to think of it, what benefits do we get from the government? If you read below, you will find out the sentiments of OFWs. I am lucky not to experience any of those but personally I really get frustrated with the poor government service at POEA or at the airport, etc. I will not rant and write a litany of every incident I have encountered but if you are an OFW, I'm sure you know what I am talking about.

What are we getting for our OWWA & PhilHealth payments?
INQUIRER.netLast updated 04:31pm (Mla time) 09/17/2007

To fellow Overseas Filipino Workers and concerned Filipino citizens all over the world:

It is so sad to know that when we need to seek "financial benefits" from our government, paid from own pocket, we have to go through like hell, and at the end we get nothing.

I may not have directly experienced this but I have been seeing it with my own eyes, hearing it directly from the affected people over and over again every time I am at POEA OWWA-PhilHealth Section.

One OFW who went to POEA main office caught my attention - an OFW beneficiary whose parent was hospitalized. The OWWA office in their provincial branch asked him (the OFW himself) to bring other documents until he got irritated as they kept on asking him to come back, asking for so many papers. It was as if they were begging for something the OFW had already paid!
The OFW stopped going back and forth as they had spent so much in transportation fare as though they would be reimbursed for it and the time spent. As we all know transportation fare is not cheap anymore. You also stand in the long queue and some government employees are not really accommodating when asked all these things.

Let's pray for our fellow OFW, ROBERT PANGANIBAN, who was once a philanthropist for fellow Filipinos who were in dire need of help, doe him to overcome the challenges of lung cancer. It is tough to be in his situation as a cancer patient but it is also tough to accept and know that OWWA will not cover his status as we thought before, though we are still hoping that our government will heed his needs and his right to the monetary benefits he has paid for being an OWWA and PhilHealth member.

of P2,175.00 (P1275 + 900) per OFW VALID FOR ONE YEAR ONLY and it is a MUST to pay again for our travel exit clearance requirement....Bato bato sa langit, ang aming dalangin na huwag po sana tayo bilang OFW magkasakit including your beneficiaries while an active OFW


Isa rin po akong OFW na nagtrabaho sa Maritime Industrial Services sa Sharjah, United Arab Emirates at last July 31, 2007 y umuwi po ako ng Pilipinas dahilan sa karandaman. Sa St. Luke Medical Center ay napag-alaman na ako po ay may Lung Cancer at ito ay nasa 4th Stage at hindi na puede ang anp mang operasyon. Tanging combined Chemotherapy at Radiation Therapy na lamang po ang lunas at ang disability ko po ay nalagay sa Total Permanent. Bilang isang aktibong miyembro at contributor sa OWWA at alang-alang na rin sa tiwala at paniniwala ko sa magaganda nilang mga programa tulad ng Insurance and Health-Care Program Benefits sa bawat miyembro ng bawat OFW, ay nagsadya po kami ng maybahay ko sa mismong opisina ng OWWA upang mag file ng aplikasyon para sa anumang tulong na kanilang maipagkakaloob.

Subalit nadismaya po ako at ang aking maybahay dahil sinabi po sa amin na hindi ako qualified dahil ang disability ko na Total Permanent ay resulta ng karandaman at ang sinasagot lamang at tinutulungan ay iyong mga OFW na miyembro ng OWWA na nagkaroon ng disability dahilan sa AKSIDENTE. Kaya naisip ko tuloy, lumalagay na balewala o walang kuwenta ang binabayaran ko na OWWA MEMBERSHIP sa tuwing aalis ako pagkatapos ng aking bakasyon bawat taon.

Tayong OFW na sinasabi nila na mga Bagong Bayani ang nagpapasok ng malaking halaga ng dolyar sa ating bansa. Tayo ang direktang nalalagay sa mga panganib, sa mga hindi maayos na kapaligiran na kung saan ay ipinagkakaroon natin ng karamdaman. Tapos ngayon, kapag lalapit tayo sa OWWA upang humingi ng tulong ay sasabihin nila na HINDI PUEDE KAPAG ANG DISABILITY AY RESULTA NG KARANDAMAN... Mga kasama at kapwa kong OFW, sa palagay n'yo kaya ay tama at katanggap tanggap ang nasabing aksiyon ng OWWA? Naging karanasan ko na po last Friday (Sept. 7, 2007) kaya naipasya ko po na ipaabot sa inyo - na mga kapwa ko OFW. Ang karandaman ay maaaring dumating sa kahit na sinong OFW kaya hindi man ako matulungan, sana - kayo na naririyan pa ay magtulong-tulong at magkaisa na hilingin sa Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) na huwag lamang ang NAAKSIDENTE o NAMATAY na OFW ang nararapat na tulungan.
Dapat sana, basta OFW - bilang Bagong Bayani ng ating bansa na nangangailangan ng tulong o benepisyo ay nararapat lamang na tumanggap ng karampatang tulong. Kapag pupuwedi, ipaabot o ipaki-forward kay Mrs. Letty Castillo "letty" at sa mga kapwa natin OFW na pupuedeng abutin ng e-mail kong ito upang magkaroon po sila ng kabatiran tungkol sa ilang Programa ng OWWA. Ninahangad ko rin na sana'y dinggin ako o tayo ni asalukuyang OWWA Administrator - si Hon. Marianito D. Roque.

Every year or every time we're going back to our home country, it is a must for us to pay our OWWA Membership and PhilHealth of P2,175.00 (P1275+900) per OFW, as a Requirement for travel exit clearance upon exiting the Philippines to go back to the country where we are deployed for work. Being an OFW, it is our "OFW MEDICAL PROTECTION" while working away from our home country.

Ang inyong kasama at kapwa OFW, Roberto E. Panganiban Forwarded by Isabel Saguinsin

Thank you so much for forwarding to ME these testimonies from our OFW-OWWA brothers.

W H Y can't we do something to stop this anomalies/improper treatment of the GOV'T to the OFW-OWWA. What is their saying "BAYANI NG BAYAN"? They are very much aware that OFW-OWWA has the biggest contribution/remittances back home.

Who has the guts to question the government to find out where are the contributions to the OFW-OWWA? We claim that we are all educated. WHY can we not do something to protect OFW-OWWA and their families back home? Why we are all tongue-tied? Are we all blind to what is happening to us? Kung tutuusin, we can elect our own president, build our own hospital, pay our own doctors, build our own schools/ universities where our children can study. How many OFWs are there in the world?

I hope you don't mind of my own pananaw; our life being that of a family of OFW-OWWA. Of course, you have to go back home to retire. How do you find yourself in those years? Nasaan ang pinaghirapan mo?

Nitz Sembrano

Dear All, Different story but same conclusion – I met an accident as an OFW and went home with the aid of wheel chair. My employer shouldered all expenses during my deportation. When I regained my physical fitness, I went to OWWA to file for medical support but the officer just told me that I get nothing from OWWA since my company already paid everything!

Another type of milking cow from OFW is the Philhealth which also happened to me. I paid a premium every year and you have to pay it once for one-year validity but all your contribution are USELESS once your premium for the next month is missed and unfortunately it is the time that you are going to use it as your loved ones got sick and confined in the hospital.

Where are my contributions for several years?

Best medical benefit is in Taiwan - everyday you are in the hospital or you underwent an operation, you just pay a registration fee of NT$50, then ALL expenses including medicines (or minimum of 95%) are shouldered by the Taiwan Medicare.

In the Philippines, only 15% is shouldered by the Medicare, excluding medicines, which are very costly in the Philippines! We hope that everything will become better. Ed V. Francisco

I have the same experience when I recently came home for my annual vacation. My wife got sick and unfortunately it coincided with the expiration of my annual membership. We went to the office of Philhealth Insurance to pay my annual dues but was refused unless I show them a new contract. How on earth does this agency associate itself with the word INSURANCE?Our predicament never happens with any immediate family member of government officials simply because everything favorable is accessible to them in terms of healthcare; so how on earth will they ever feel the agony when an OFW gets into a tight corner brought by sudden illness?Our health insurance was done in the Philippines and not on foreign soil. Their existence and prevailing insensitive policies in dealing with OFW's who are out of the country during the effectivity of the insurance strengthens the evidence that our government officials, particularly those who are given the responsibility of looking after our welfare as OFW's (POEA and OWWA), are playing deaf and blind simply because of the huge amount of benefits and goodies they receive from a "benevolent" PhilHealth Insurance and similar agencies.

You don't have to be a super mathematician to figure out how much P 2,175.00 per OFW per year will sum up when you talk about 1,000.0 OFW's renew their policy each day for just ten days! And all these amounts simply vanish into thin air just after 365 days in the hands of an agency whose top positions are manned by the country's best minds? Some people are so sensitive they cannot stand the sound of the word s-h-a-m-e. Our government officials on the other hand would regain the trust, appreciation and love of people they are supposed to lead when they kneel, pray and ask God the almighty to help them live each day with compassion to those who leave their family behind by force of circumstance, not by choice, in order to earn a living.

Noel Jola, Filipino father and OFW( Group/Off-Site AreaTasnee Ethylene Project

September 13, 2007

Tagalugin Mo

Kamakailan, pinadalhan akong e-mail ng isa sa aking mga kaibigan kung saan mayroon itong attachment na isang excel file. Ang file ay naglalaman ng isang word challenge. Ang mga English words ay kailangan i-translate sa Filipino/Tagalog. Sa bawat tamang sagot, ay 1 point. Matagal-tagal ko rin ito sinagutan. Ilang araw ko binalik-balikan pero 87 points lang ang nasagot ko nang tama. Ang mga salitang hindi ko pa rin masagot ay ang sumusunod:

  • adjective
  • alternate
  • calf
  • care
  • customs
  • chalk
  • cloud
  • customs
  • erase
  • feature
  • gerund
  • idiom
  • sewerage

Pero parang mali din naman yong ibang sagot nila. Halimbawa, ang alam kong Tagalog ng cloud eh ulap pero mali ang ulap. Wala na akong alam na ibang tawag sa ulap. Sa pagsagot ko sa word challenge na ito, na-realized ko na mahina na ang Filipino/ Tagalog vocabulary ko. Nakakahiya at Filipino pa naman ako.

Kung nais nyo subukan, pwede nyo i-download nag file dito.

Actually, meron pang isa. Tagalog words naman tapos gagawing English. Naka-90% correct answer ako. Nahirapan din ako. Ilan sa mga hindi ko nasagot ay ang mga sumusunod:

  • bahagdan
  • balara
  • kalasag
  • kola
  • konde
  • kusot
  • gulod
  • himagsik
  • mabini
  • medida
  • nangangalumata
  • pagbabawas
  • pantal
  • parokyano
  • pilegas
  • pinagbuhatan
  • pita
  • tripulate
  • talamak
  • talampas

Sayang, hindi ko kasi mai-upload yong pangalawang file sa google documents pero kung gusto ninyong subukan, pwede kong ipadala ang file sa pamamagitan ng e-mail.

Kung sino ang makakuha ng tamang sagot sa mga words na hindi ko nai-translate, sabihin nyo naman sa akin kung ano ang tamang sagot.

Pagbutihin nyo. Good luck!

September 12, 2007

Ramadan Kareem

This year's Ramadan will start tomorrow. It will be my 4th Ramadan holiday here in Qatar.

The holy month of Ramadan is the most important and most awaited holiday of Muslims. During this time, for one month, Muslims fast from sunrise until sunset. They do not eat meals and they do not drink any liquid throughout the day. The breaking of the fast (break-fast) at the end of the day is called Iftar. Usually, family members gather together to share a sumptuous Iftar meal. Some families even host Iftar meal for relatives and friends. Aside from fasting, Muslims also devote this holiday to praying, giving, sharing and doing good things.

There is a change of lifestyle during Ramadan. Work hours are shorter. Shops are normally open in the morning until noon. Then, they re-open in the evening until past mid-night. Banks and some offices open certain branches at night to serve clients/ customers. Restaurants are normally closed during the day. Eating and drinking in public or in the presence of a fasting individual is considered disrespectful (that is self-explanatory). Day activities are slow.

There are many promotions during Ramadan - a good time to buy cars and other things.

The Ramadan ends with a Eid holiday. Eid is like Christmas. It's usually a long (3-days) non-working holiday to allow people to celebrate and visit families and friends. Many people also take this oppurtunity to go out of the country for a holiday.

I wish everyone a blessed Ramadan!

I'm Stucked!

Oh boy, I'm still stucked! Can you imagine how frustrating it is? I feel so bad that I can't move on. Grrrr!!!!....

September 11, 2007


I'm so lost. It's so difficult to do something when you are so clueless about it. I need to move on but I have to finish this thing first. Can't undestand why I was burdened by something I'm not involve with in the first place. Huh?! Haaaaayyyyyyy!!!!

September 7, 2007

Using Filipino Language

I am thinking of starting a blog using Filipino in my entries. I thought it's cool! In fact, I already created one. But then, I realized I can't even maintain this and my other blogs so there's no point creating a new one.

Anyways, I'll probably just make some entries in Filipino in this blog whenever I'll get a chance!

Hanggang sa muli!