September 29, 2007

LASIK at Asian Eye Institute Part 2

Recently, I had LASIK surgey at Asian Eye Institute. I'd like to share my experience especially to those who are considering LASIK surgery.

Before the surgery I underwent screening to determine if I am qualified for LASIK. A team of doctors led by Dr. Robert Ang, performed different examinations. Some of them were done while my eyes are dilated. During the examination of my retina, Dr. Veloso found that a tiny partion of my retina is already thin and also needs a laser treatment to prevent possible retinal detachment in the future. In addition, I will only be allowed to do LASIK if my retinal problems will be treated first. On that same day, I had the laser treatment because I was terrified with the possibility of getting blind if retinal detachment occurs.

The Surgery
On the day of the surgery, I was advised to use mild soap and mild shampoo and not to use any perfume, cream, lotion, shampoo and other similar stuff. I believe fragrance can interfere with the laser.

Before the LASIK procedure, I was given a mild sedative to calm me and anesthetic drops to numb my eyes. I felt a slight discomfort when the anesthetic drops are applied but it went away after a few seconds. LASIK itself took just a few minutes per eye. I didn’t feel any pain although the device used to keep the eyes open made me slightly uncomfortable.

You can a watch an animation of LASIK surgery here.

I was given safety glasses to protect my eyes on my way out of the clinic as well as antibiotics and anti-inflammatory eye drops. After only six hours, I can already read, watch the television and I can already tell that my vision is a lot better even if it’s still blurry.

After the Surgery
Just like any surgery, there were restrictions after the procedure. Safety goggles has to be worn for one week. Scratching the eyes or putting pressure in the eyes is a no-no. I wore my safety glasses for a few weeks even while sleeping because I’m scared that I might accidentally scratch my eyes. Eyes must be avoided during shower in the first three days. Full/ regular shower is only resumed after the 4th day. Swimming is not allowed for a month. Blood clots will be visible but that’s normal and will go away after two weeks. Vision fluctuation and halos during night time are normal. According to Dr. Ang, vision will stabilized and halos will disappear after three months. So far, I didn’t experience any extreme vision fluctuations and I can drive at night even with those halos. From time to time, I experienced discomfort due to dryness of the eyes, which is just normal. I was given an eye lubricant to relief dryness.

Cash and credit cards are accepted. Note that only facility fee may be settled with a credit card. Professional fees are paid in cash.

So far so good! I think it’s one of my best decisions ever. I’m so glad I had LASIK. Before the surgery, I cannot function without my eye glasses. Now, I am not anymore dependent on my eye glasses. If you are considering LASIK surgery, you might want to read some information on LASIK at FDA website.

For screening, you may call or e-mail Asian Eye Institute to set an appointment or fill-out the appointment form in their website. The cost of screening will be deducted from the total cost of the surgery, in case you qualify and decided to do it.


AEI Rockwell: (632) 898-2020 – trunk line

AEI TriNoma: (63) 917-897-2020 – trunk line

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Anonymous said...

Hi! May I know how much did it cost you during that time?

Nina said...

@happy joy

send me a private e-mail at ninalumberio[@]gmail dot com (remove spaces, [] and replace dot with the symbol) and I will detail the options and associated costs :)