September 26, 2007

Pinoy Men

Are Filipino guys more traditional? If so, does that mean their values are more intact than that of foreigners?

Not necessarily. People are different and we cannot generalized based on nationalities.

Is the stereotype true that Westerners have a less of a sense of spirituality?

Spirituality does not relate to nationality. Anyone can be spiritual or atheist.

What about a foreigner’s view of commitment in a relationship?

I think foreigners are frank-enough to speak their mind. I believe they say when they are ready for a commitment or not.

How are they as mates- are they jealous, possessive?

Can't really say, I didn't have any romantic relationship with a foreigner. But based on my observations, foreigner are more open-minded.

Is it true that normally a stronger woman is better of with a foreigner?

A strong woman is better off with a strong man. Not only foreigners have strong personality.

Sorry folks, can't relate with the questions. I am married to a Filipino guy and never had any romantic relationship with a foreigner although at one point in my life, I dreamt of marrying a foreigner.

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