September 19, 2007


This is a survey posted by Reyna Elena in her blog. Here are my answers:

  • How satisfied are you with your job? Right now, I am very satisfied with my job - both in terms of work and financial aspects.

  • Are you fulfilling your childhood dreams? In essence I think - YES- but not exactly as I've imagined my future then. When I was in grade school my dream is to become a Chemical Engineer and work for a multinational or top company, study MBA, climb the corporate ladder, buy my own car, my house, etc. I did become a Chemical Engineer and I had my first job at a petrochemical plant. But then I realized that I really wanted to do environmental work instead and that's my job now so I consider my childhood dream fulfilled. I think it's normal to go through paradigm shifts in one's life. The only thing I am yet to fulfill is obtaining MBA but I did enroll in Master of Engineering in Environmental Engineering and Management and I just need to do my project to get the full-pledge degree. At this point in my life, I am not anymore wishing to climb the corporate ladder. A few years ago, I had another paradigm shift and the goal I'm tyring to achieve now is to obtain financial freedom and move out of the 8-5 job.

  • What would be your dream job? I've always wanted to have a job that has a lot of travel opportunities within and outside the Philippines. I didn't land into that kind of job but it's okay because I'm still able to travel to different places.

  • What’s the most satisfying part of your job? I feel good when my clients are happy with my work.

  • What’s the most important quality of a great boss? A good mentor and motivator. I also like a boss who can defend his people and stand for his people through difficult times.

  • What’s the best job-related advice you’ve ever received? First, "if you are not happy with your job anymore, leave" and second, "always protect yourself." As a young employee, I was so naive and I trust too much so I end up getting blamed for things I did not do. But through time, I learned to protect myself and be careful of people around me.

  • What’s the one thing/person you hate at work and why? I hate to work with people who steal credit for work they did not do.

How about you?


Anonymous said...

Wow! Thank you so much for the nice response! :-)

Anonymous said...

I read and re-read your responses and feel na feel ko yong sincerity nang response mo and I really like it. Winner sa Miss Universe ang mga sagot mo ateng! :-)

Anonymous said...

So nice to link up with you. We have the same maiden surname -magkamag-anak kaya tayo? Sabagay, ang dami-dami naman nating Cruz sa Pilipinas at sa mundo, hehe.

Tama ang paradigm shift mo. Getting away from the 8-5 job will definitely give you more time to enjoy life. Just be prepared about losing the security of a guaranteed monthly paycheck. No worries, though. My family and I have learned that free time is infinitely more valuable than money. And time together with loved ones is priceless.

Good luck! :D