October 31, 2007

Doha, Qatar Photos

I found this photo blog called One Snap at a Time by Doha Snapper. If you want to see pictures of Doha, Qatar at its best, you can visit his site.

The ARABIC JAR by Doha Snapper

October 29, 2007

There is a bus with seven (7) girls inside....

I'm just re-posting this...


There is a bus with 7 girls inside,
Each girl has 7 bags,
Inside each bag, there are 7 Big cats,
Each Big cat has 7 small cats,
All cats have 4 Legs each !

Question: How many Legs are there inside the bus?

The solution is posted here. Unfornately I cannot upload the excel file that came with this math problem. But if you are interested, leave me a note and an e-mail address where I can send the file.

October 28, 2007

Rakrakan Overload 2007 Dubai Airport Expo

It's Rakrakan again. After the successful concert in Bahrain and Doha, the third and final leg of Rakrakan Middle East Tour will be concluded in Dubai. We watched last year's Rakrakan sa Dubai featuring Parokya ni Edgar and Bamboo. It was a huge success! Unfortunately, we're not able to watch Rakrakan Overload here in Doha. But if plans push through, my husband and I accomodation won from a raffle) to witness once again the Rakrakan performance on December 7th at Dubai Aiport Expo. are planning to fly to Dubai (we'll be using our free tickets and hotel

There will be three bands performing: Parokya ni Edgar, Spongecola and Kamikazee. I am expecting lots of fun and excitement just like last year.

To my friends in Dubai: See you there!!!

Doha Players' Annual Pantomime: "Almost Dick Whittington"

Tickets on Sales from:

International Centre for Music
39 Ahmed Bin Hanbal Street
(behind Lulu on D-ring)

Tel. 4671354

1pm to 8pm - Sunday to Wed
11am to 8pm - Saturday


Music Master , Landmark shopping Mall

Show Date and Time:

Dec 6 (Thurs) - 7 pm
Dec 7 (Fri) - 230 pm & 630 pm
Dec 8 (Sat) - 2:30 pm & 630 pm

Show Venue:

College of North Atlantic - Qatar

Doha Players will be staging their annual pantomime on December 6th to 8th, 2007. This year's performance is "Almost Dick Whittington."

Almost Dick Whittington is a modern panto loosely based on the popular Dick Whittington story (hence, the "Almost" at the start!). ADW still has the dames (men dressed as women in outrageous clothing for those new to panto) the principal boy (played by a girl) and the baddies who try to cause mayhem and madness all the way through the story. We have good triumphs over evil, love stories and happily ever after! Plenty of audience participation is required - lots of 'Oh no, you're not' or 'He's behind you' and of course required cheering and booing! Almost Dick Whittington is a family show
with songs ranging from Abba to Disney so make sure you come along with your singing voices!

For more details and inquiries, visit Doha Players website.

Update as of 18 Nov 2007:

Tickets will be on sale as of today but the location where tickets can be bought are yet to be announced. For further infor you may call or e-mail Doha Players.

Office Hours: 8 am to 1 pm (Strictly Sunday to Thurday only)
Tel No.: +974 5755102
Telefax: +974 4474911

Solution for There is a bus with seven (7) girls inside...

Here's the solution for the popular math problem:


There is a bus with 7 girls inside,
Each girl has 7 bags,
Inside each bag, there are 7 Big cats,
Each Big cat has 7 small cats,
All cats have 4 Legs each !

Question: How many Legs are there inside the bus?


7 girls x 2 legs = 14 legs
7 girsl x 7 bags x 7 cats = 343 cats x 4 legs = 1372 legs (cats)
343 cats x 7 kittens = 2401 x 4 legs = 9604 (kittens)

Total Legs = 14 + 1372 +9604 = 10990 Legs

October 26, 2007

A Tiring Trip to Ras Laffan

It's been a busy week. I drove to Ras Laffan (80 kilometers North of Doha) for four consecutive days to conduct some training for our client's technicians. Actually, I got someone else to do the training. I was merely a spectator and the "official driver." But after driving 160 Km round trip each day for four consecutive days, I was totally exhausted. If only I still have some leave credits, I would have skipped work last Thursday.

I remember during high school, I commute everyday - 2 hours round trip. By the time I reach home, I'm already dead tired even before I study my lessons and do my home work. Then, on my first job, I have to commute almost two hours each way. Believe me, I can barely do anything after work. I'm sure workers who commute or drive from Doha to Ras Laffan everyday are just too tired, not to mention that some of them work on 12-hour shift.

From experience, one thing that can really help is to get enough sleep in order to overcome tiredness and re-energize, although in the end, it will just be a work-sleep cycle. You will still be tired at the end of the day and exhausted at the end of the week. I don't know if I can work in Ras Laffan on a daily basis. But if by chance, I got a work assignment that will require daily drive to Ras Laffan, then it's going to be a real challenge for me.

Do you drive to work everyday? How do you manage long drive to work and back home?

MY PHONE T22 Duo (with Dual Sim Feature)

Last update: 17 March 2008
The SIM CLOSE problem has been resolved. Apparently My Phone is in flight mode. I posted the solution here.

* * * * * * * * * * *
Last update: 23 February 2008

Many people visit this post to get info about My Phone T22 Duo. Sadly, mine isn't working anymore. It worked fine in the beginning but one day, I just got a SIM CLOSE message from the phone. Both my SIM cards work in other phones so I really don't have any idea what's the problem. I 'm yet to discover if my phone can still be revived. I hope it can still be repaired. It's just a few months old and I haven't got my money's worth yet :( If you have info where I can send My Phone for repair, please let me know.

* * * * * * * * *

I normally carry two mobile phones - one for roaming (SMART) and one with local sim. Lately, one of my phones seemed to be giving up on me already so I thought of buying a new one. Lucky me, my husband read my mind and bought a new phone for me when he went for a vacation during Eid. But the phone he bought was a different one - it's not one those popular brands. It is called MY PHONE and it can operate two sim cards at the same time - just what I needed.

It looks similar to the NOKIA model I want to purchase - slim, big screen and lightwieght. It has a touch screen and a 2 MB digital camera, video recorder, MP3, player, calendar, etc. It has the same features as the popular phones today and the interface was patterned after popular brands. It comes with one year warranty and it is cheaper too. The only thing I didn't like are the built-in ring and alert tones. But since it can play MP3, then I can use MP3 for my ring tone.

Overall, I'd recommend this mobile phone especially for those who normally carry two mobile phones. The dual sim feature is definitely a winner!!!

MY PHONE is available at:

ADI Telecoms
4/F Bldg B, SM Mega Mall

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My Phone T22 Duo Update: How to Transfer MP3s

October 15, 2007

I Want to Retire Young!

Yes, you read it right - "I want to retire young." People have different views on retirement. When Money Smarts blogged about retiring young, readers have expressed different opinions.

I define retirement as getting out of regular employment. But that doesn't mean I'll be a bumming around or I'll bore myself doing household chores after I stop working. In fact, I was thinking, if I quit my job then I'll be able to supervise a maid (hehehehehehe!!!!).

Kidding aside, I want to retire young, enjoy life and spend more time with my family. I want to visit more places and do things that I also enjoy (apart from my regular job) but I couldn't do because of my full time job. I love my job but I don't want to be tied-up with an 8-5 job for the rest of my life. I want to pursue other endeavours totally different from going to the office everyday. For example, I want to blog, blog, blog! I want to read more (for leisure), bake different pastries and do photography (as a hobby). Who knows, I might just become a great cake decorator or perhaps a wedding coordinator? Wouldn't it be great not to worry about your boss, deadlines, clients, etc?

Actually, I can quit working now and just stay home because my husband has the financial capability to support me and our future children. But being a woman of today, I also wanted to become financially independent. In fact, my goal is to gain financial independence before I get out of 8-5 job. I set a time-frame of 10-15 years (or possibly earlier) to attain this goal. So what are the steps I am taking to achieve financial independence?

  • Set a clear goal that is attainable within a set time-frame.
  • Stay out of debt.
  • Prepare a budget and spend within the budget.
  • Save, save, save!!! According to the experts, Expenses = Income - Savings and ideally, 10% of our income must be saved.
  • Establish an emergency fund for emergency expenses such as car repairs, sickness, etc.
  • Do not spend more than what you earn.
  • Do not buy things that depreciate in value because you
  • Buy only what you need (I'm guilty of buying unnecessary things!)
  • Try to be frugal but not cheap - they are different
  • Invest, invest, invest!!! Before careful though, you have to research well before you invest your hard-earned money.
  • Read personal finance blogs. You can learn a lot from personal finance blogs. They are free so start reading now. Some of my favorites are in my side bar.
  • Read personal finance books. It's good to start with a book that is written by a Filipino author because their contents are tailored to Philippine setting. I've read those written by Francisco J. Colayco and Efren Cruz. They are simple and easy to understand. They are also eye-opener especially for those who are clueless about personal finance.

Sounds too good to be true? The things I mentioned are doable but one must have a strong determination and will-power to make it happen.

Last August, I challenge myself not to shop for a year as a way to save some money. So far, I think I'm keeping up with my own challenge. After my shopping spree in New York and in the Philippines, I think I can skip buying clothes, shoes, and bags for at least one year.

I guess, if I try harder, I can achieve my goal in less than 10 years.


The opinions expressed here are entirely my own. The views and opinions expressed by visitors of this blog are theirs and do not necessarily reflect mine.

October 14, 2007

$1 = P43.6

I usually check BDO and BPI for exchange rates because their rates are close to those at the remittance centers. BDO rate last Thursday (October 11) was $1=P43.60 and based on the trend, Peso continues to be strong because of the $ sent by OFWs *sigh* *sigh*

I have mixed feelings. I just hope that continued appreciation of peso benefits the majority of Filipinos.

October 12, 2007

Eid Mubarak!

Today, Muslims are celebrating "Eid Al-Fitr," a holiday that marks the end of Ramadan. Eid is an Arabic word which means "festivity" while Fitr means "to break the fast."

Eid is an important holiday for Muslims. It's like Christmas for them. Here in Qatar, government offices have a week-long holiday just like in the previous years. Private companies like the one I work for, usually declare a three-day holiday. Others who cannot afford to have long holiday (e.g. those who provide services) at least take a day off during the first day of Eid.

Due to long days off, many people take the opportunity to travel. We decided not to go anywhere this year because we just had a month-long vacation in the Philippines and we've travelled several times in the past 12 months plus I already consumed my leave entitlement for the rest of the year. With a few days to spare, my husband flew back home to the Philippines to attend his grandmother's 80th birthday. He'll be back next Saturday. Until then, I'll be alone but not home alone because my brother and my uncle are staying with us. My only problem when my husband is away is that I couldn't sleep. But I think, this long holiday is a good opportunity for me to have a real R and R (rest and relaxation) and (I hope) to de-clutter our room.

I wish everyone a Happy Eid!

October 9, 2007

Cruising Ras Laffan

When I bought my car, the model I chose came with extra options, which I really don't need. Among them is the CRUISE CONTROL. I never tried it and didn't bother to learn how to use it. Yesterday, on our way to our client, my boss mentioned that he is on cruise control and that it is helping him to keep the speed within the limits. According to him, it keeps him relaxed as he didn't have to control the gas pedal anymore.

Curious, I tried how mine works this afternoon. It's kind of weird not to be stepping on the gas pedal. But it is relaxing not to worry about exceeding the speed limit or driving too fast even though my right foot is itching to step on the gas pedal. I had the same feeling during the first few weeks of driving an automatic car - my left foot was so uncomfortable without a clutch to step on.

Ras Laffan is only an 80-km drive from Doha and only a portion of the road is a freeway. Cruise control will not be beneficial during rush hours because of the volume of vehicles rushing to and from Ras Laffan. Cruise control would work best for long drive in a free way. Perhaps, when the connection bridge to Bahrain is already built, we can take advantage of the cruise control option.

For now, maybe I can use it from time to time when driving to Ras Laffan during off-peak hours.

October 4, 2007

Feeling Good!!!

It feels good to be home early today without any work to think about. I just finish a portion of my project and sent off the draft report to our client. It's rare to have a worry-free weekend so I'm really feeling great :)

Finding Fr. Bobby Mac Roxas

I studied in an all-girls catholic high school in Guagua, Pampanga. It's called St. Mary's Academy now but during my time, it is known as Sacred Heart Academy. As a catholic school, we had yearly recollection usually held in the school. But during fourth year, instead of a whole day recollection , we had a three-day retreat at Don Bosco Batulao (Batangas). Our retreat master then is Fr. Bobby Mac Roxas, son of Digna Agra Roxas - a known music arranger.

I can barely remember the retreat we had but I still do remember Fr. Bobby. I just came across his multiply site. To my classmates who wants to be in-touch with him again, please feel free to visit his site. He probably doesn't remember us but I'm sure, he at least remember our school!