October 9, 2007

Cruising Ras Laffan

When I bought my car, the model I chose came with extra options, which I really don't need. Among them is the CRUISE CONTROL. I never tried it and didn't bother to learn how to use it. Yesterday, on our way to our client, my boss mentioned that he is on cruise control and that it is helping him to keep the speed within the limits. According to him, it keeps him relaxed as he didn't have to control the gas pedal anymore.

Curious, I tried how mine works this afternoon. It's kind of weird not to be stepping on the gas pedal. But it is relaxing not to worry about exceeding the speed limit or driving too fast even though my right foot is itching to step on the gas pedal. I had the same feeling during the first few weeks of driving an automatic car - my left foot was so uncomfortable without a clutch to step on.

Ras Laffan is only an 80-km drive from Doha and only a portion of the road is a freeway. Cruise control will not be beneficial during rush hours because of the volume of vehicles rushing to and from Ras Laffan. Cruise control would work best for long drive in a free way. Perhaps, when the connection bridge to Bahrain is already built, we can take advantage of the cruise control option.

For now, maybe I can use it from time to time when driving to Ras Laffan during off-peak hours.

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