October 12, 2007

Eid Mubarak!

Today, Muslims are celebrating "Eid Al-Fitr," a holiday that marks the end of Ramadan. Eid is an Arabic word which means "festivity" while Fitr means "to break the fast."

Eid is an important holiday for Muslims. It's like Christmas for them. Here in Qatar, government offices have a week-long holiday just like in the previous years. Private companies like the one I work for, usually declare a three-day holiday. Others who cannot afford to have long holiday (e.g. those who provide services) at least take a day off during the first day of Eid.

Due to long days off, many people take the opportunity to travel. We decided not to go anywhere this year because we just had a month-long vacation in the Philippines and we've travelled several times in the past 12 months plus I already consumed my leave entitlement for the rest of the year. With a few days to spare, my husband flew back home to the Philippines to attend his grandmother's 80th birthday. He'll be back next Saturday. Until then, I'll be alone but not home alone because my brother and my uncle are staying with us. My only problem when my husband is away is that I couldn't sleep. But I think, this long holiday is a good opportunity for me to have a real R and R (rest and relaxation) and (I hope) to de-clutter our room.

I wish everyone a Happy Eid!


Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Nina. Hope you'll have a relaxing weekend. A long weekend is always a nice opportunity for de-cluttering. Good luck.

Thanks for visiting my blog. I was surprised you have read my old post. It was indeed a learning experience for me. When I think of it, I wish I used the money to buy something nice for myself instead of splurging all of it on him. Life!

eid said...

Happy Eid !! :)