October 4, 2007

Finding Fr. Bobby Mac Roxas

I studied in an all-girls catholic high school in Guagua, Pampanga. It's called St. Mary's Academy now but during my time, it is known as Sacred Heart Academy. As a catholic school, we had yearly recollection usually held in the school. But during fourth year, instead of a whole day recollection , we had a three-day retreat at Don Bosco Batulao (Batangas). Our retreat master then is Fr. Bobby Mac Roxas, son of Digna Agra Roxas - a known music arranger.

I can barely remember the retreat we had but I still do remember Fr. Bobby. I just came across his multiply site. To my classmates who wants to be in-touch with him again, please feel free to visit his site. He probably doesn't remember us but I'm sure, he at least remember our school!

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