November 17, 2007

Classic TV Commercials

While blog-hopping last night, I came across Aileen Apolo's blog entry entitled Classic Tito, Vic and Joey and a you tube link for classic Philippine TV Commercials. I clicked the link and enjoyed watching classic 70's and 80's TVCs and some recent ones.

Back in the Philippines, there are times when I'd really get annoyed when the show I'm watching has lots of TVC. But there are TVCs that are just so cool and patok they leave footprints in our hearts. I can still remember some popular TVCs such as:

  • Coca-Cola - Lilet in I'm the future of the world...
  • Royal Tru-Orange - RJ Ledesma series
  • Palmolive - I can feel it TVC, where Alice Dixon became popular.
  • San Miguel Beer - Siboom...Siboom, Isang platitong mani...
  • Close-up - Robin Da Rosa in closer you and I
  • Ivory Shampoo - Bianca Araneta in Ang gaan-gan ng feeling, and a lot more.....

Here in Qatar, we don't get to watch the Philippine TVC anymore. Our closest encounter were spoofs from Bubble Gang. But if you want to watch some classic and recent TVCs and re-live some memories back home, visit Adman's page. Meantime, enjoy these classics:

I always hear the word "Kokuryo" from my Aunt when she is referring to a no name cosmetic brand but I didn't know "Kokuryo" really existed. I thought my Aunt just made up the name. I was surprised to find out that Kokuryu even had a TVC with no less than Amalia Fuentes as the endorsing celebrity. But I wonder if she ever used it? I mean, do commercial models really use the brand the are endorsing?

I would want to see Camay TVCs where the Revilla Ladies are the models. How about you? Do you have any favorite commercial that you still remember?


Anonymous said...

hahaha! super back to memory lane trip ito. What I remember when I was small is this "piƱa-kamasarap" toyo commercial. Also the fillers in Eat Bulaga, you know that tailoring shop, tsaka yung seiko wallet, ang wallet na maswerte! haha! btw, i'll link your blog in my sidelink if you don't mind.

Nina said...

Natatandaan ko yong tagline na "ang pina-kamasarap sa lahat ng toyo." The tailoring shop is Arthur's. May shop sya sa Taft Ave.-Quirino, lagi kong nakikita nung college ako. Nung first time ko siya nakita my reaction was, ay existing pa pala siya. They even had the shop renovated. Yong Seiko wallet naman kabisa ko pa yong jingle...

Seiko, Seiko wallet
Ang wallet na maswerte
Balat nito ay genuine
International pa ang mga design
Ang wallet na maswerte
Seiko, Seiko wallet.


Anonymous said...

LOLs! Tama, Arthur's nga! hahaha! napakanta ako di oras ng seiko wallet dito!

Btw, just fixed my link. Andun ka na! See you around. :)