November 9, 2007

Decluttering Project

My mind is cluttered with a lot of thoughts but nothing really interesting to write about. There are too many things going on. I couldn't concentrate at all. I've been thinking to start a decluttering project at home and in my office but I think I need to declutter my mind first. Hahahahaha....

Anyway, for a start, I decluttered and organized my phonebook. Since I've got a new phone, I migrated all my contacts from my two old phones into my new phone. Then, I deleted all numbers that I haven't called or used for quite sometime. I found out I still have numbers of former colleagues who passed away already. I merge contact numbers of same person under one name only. In the past, I have this habit of storing names without surnames in my phonebook. This time, I made sure I also saved their last names to void confusion. Now, I have less than 200 contacts left and hopefully, I can keep it organized. Mind you, organizing a phonebook can take time but it can be a good therapy.

Next project in mind is to declutter my electronic files, e-mails and personal files. I want to delete files I don't need, old e-mails, etc. There is a long a list for this decluttering project but I want to it step by step and start with simple things.

By the way, I found this site about decluttering - you might be interested! Do also have tips how to declutter effectively?


docemdy said...

Do it on a daily basis. Like mail, for instance. Get only the papers that you need. The rest, recycle. Otherwise, they add up.

Nina said...

You are right and in fact, I tend to accumulate papers :) I'm also planning to to check my files and throw old files/documents.