November 15, 2007


Man, I'm still freakin' from the that incident at the junction a few hours ago. I don't know where was I exactly when the traffic light turned red and if my car was photograph for beating the red light. I turned left from C-Ring-Airport junction (Toyota Signal) to go to the Souq. Unfortunately, I already passed the solid white line along the signal when the green light started blinking. I couldn't stop the car anymore, otherwise, I'll end up in the middle of the intersection. I accelerated my car and tried to pass the intersection as fast as I could but the st*p*d car in front of me, was very slow. I was lucky there's no vehicle on my left side so I changed lane immediately and drove as fast as I could. Honestly, I don't know at which point the camera takes photo. If the traffic lights turned red while the vehicle is right in the middle of the junction, is it considered beating the red light?

Grrrr...this whole thing is driving me crazy!!! The fine (in case, my car was photographed) is whooping US$1650 plus negative points - yes, One Thousand Six Hundred Fifty USD. Gosh, I could buy a lot things with that amount of money. In fact, I can buy two round trip ticket to the Philippines. Hindi talaga ako makakatulog nito hanggang di ako nakakasigurado na wala akong violation.


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