November 21, 2007

Good Morning, How Are You?

I lifted this entry from my old blog (posted in February 2006). I thought of re-posting this after reading Reyna Elena's post about standard questions and answers.

I noticed that my boss has stopped asking me the question "how are you?" every morning. I am not sure why, but maybe because he noticed that I do not ask him the same question or I am not really comfortable with the question. For westerners, It's sort of a standard question after a greeting. But I wonder if they are always sincere because I find it so casual for them to ask that question. In my case, it's something I would only say if I mean it. I've been here in Qatar for 22 months* already and both the companies I worked for are multi-nationals but I'm still not used to asking "how are you?" especially if I will ask the same person everyday or I am in a room with 20 can just imagine exchanging these words 20 times, one after the other......

Hi, I'm Nina....How are you? - I'm good.
Hello, how are you? - I'm fine, thank you.
Hi. I'm fine - How are you? - Nice to meet you!
Good morning, I'm good and you? - I'm fine, thanks.

Gosh, I usually run out of combinations. I am really embarrassed when caught in these situations. I don't know if I'll ever get used it but If I did in time, I hope I will always ask it with sincerity.

I am also not comfortable when the word "excellent" is used casually. I often hear my colleagues say EXCELLENT to acknowledge simple favors. Duh? For me excellent is an adjective to describe things that are exceptional and nothing less period.

I may be too frank and tactless at times but one thing I can assure you is I am very transparent and if ever I give a compliment, I always mean it!

* As of now, I've been here in Qatar for 3 1/2 years already.


Anonymous said...


Now for jitims ateng naman, ganito ang linya ko because I work with a lot of African-Americans here at talaga naman pong I speak ebonics minsan!


Pag girl: "Sup Gurl!!!"
Pag guy: "Suppp!"


Or minsan:

"Yo! Dude! Wazz going on!"
"Hey! Woman! Wazz new!"

I used those sa mga kakilala ko lang. Not to strangers. Kelangan pormal.

Ay naku! Pang blog entry lahat nang mga katarantaduhang greetings ko day! Pero, I do it dahil gusto nilang pakinggan. Keri ko kahit na wa ako feel. Basta ang goal ko, mapafeel ko na dyosa sila at importante sila! Ever! Kaya tingnan mo naman ang mga social climbing kooo! Ang hangin hangin po sa taaasss!!! HAHAHAHA

Nina said...

Hay...yang social climbing na yan...hindi ko talaga keri yan LOLs....

Anonymous said...

basta ibat ibang lahi talaga e iba iba rin ang question and answer portions, di ba? salamat sa pagdaan sa blog ko ha :D

Anonymous said...

nins dina ako nakakabasa ng blog mo dito hehe! dito naman sa amin casual nalang..kahit nga makasalubong mo sasabihin.."hi,how is it going?" which i find it very 5 taon ko noticed ko friendly pala mga canadians kesa sa americans hehehe..its true!