November 16, 2007

My Phone T22 Duo Update

Last update: 17 March 2008

The SIM CLOSE problem has been resolved. Apparently My Phone is in flight mode. I posted the solution here.

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Last updated 23 February 2008

Many people visit this post to get info about My Phone T22 Duo. Sadly, mine isn't working anymore. It worked fine in the beginning but one day, I just got a SIM CLOSE message from the phone. Both my SIM cards work in other phones so I really don't have any idea what's the problem. I 'm yet to discover if my phone can still be revived. I hope it can still be repaired. It's just a few months old and I haven't got my money's worth yet :( If you have info where can I send it for repair, please let me know.

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I received this comment from my post about My Phone T22 Duo.

"hi. my friend bought one. she's having problems with it because she can't transfer mp3s from her computer. the phone didn't come with a driver. do you know where i can get one?"

Honestly I haven't tried transferring MP3s from my computer to My Phone T22 Duo so I read the manual and tried to follow the instructions. Page 25 of My Phone Manual about Multi Media:

"WINDOWS 2000 and above OS does not need to install driver, you must switch the phone off when loading music. When you upload music, connect the phone to the computer using the USB cable, the computer screen will show that a new hardware has been found and it will make a movable hard disk then load MP3 to the boot directory "My Music" of the movable hard disk, but not Audio, Images and Photos or these music will not play. (Only support the music whose postfix is MP3, AMR or MIDI files. "

Here's what I discovered:

The procedure works. Unfortunately, the internal memory of the phone is only 2MB. MP3 files can be as large as 3-4MB per song so it's not really possible to transfer MP3s without an external memory card. Since I don't have an external memory card, I am not able to try that option. If I already have a memory card, I'll try it again and update this entry.

I hope this helps.


Anonymous said...

it says USB device not recognized, what will i do next?

and after it work, can i copy the contents inside my phone book?

Nina said...

Was your phone switched off before plugging the USB into your pc?

"USB device not recognized" is usually the message that appears if there's something wrong with the USB cable or the USB port. try with other computers and see if it will work. Remember your phone must be turned off before plugging the usb to the computer.

Anonymous said...

I have t22 duo and I already have 120-something songs in it's external memory card. what I did was to insert the usb cable to the cell phone while its still turned on and there appeared two options, one is mass storage and another is com port. the com port doesn't work for me, but the mass storage does. so, after I chose the mass storage, the cellphone turned off automatically and in my pc, there appeared two removable storage devices, one is the internal memory and the other, the external memory. then you just copy and paste the songs.

but i have a question. how can i activate my gprs? and can t22 duo support java games? if not, what type of games?

Nina said...

Hi Novafrost,

I'm sorry but I haven't activated the GPRS. :)

Unknown said...

hi guys. im new here.. hope someone could help me find out what to do w/ this issue im encountering w/ my newly-bought My Phone T22...

just bought it last Tuesday, Jan 8.. however, everytime i used the touch screen feature coz i love it, after 20 mins or so ng continuous usage of touch screen, namamatay nlng ung screen but still keypad is on once u press any keys.. we already brought it sa isang service center ng Sony sa Q.Ave. they did software upgrade. then sinubukan ko uling itest at gamitin un touch screen, after 20 mins or so, ule ung screen at kelangan kong i.restart ung phone para maging ok ule..

upgraded na ung software so meron pa ba kayong pwedeng i-suggest? im really scared to leave the phone sa mga srvc centers for how many days or weeks... di ako mapapakali... coz im very maingat sa mga gamit ko. bka kun ano lng gawin nila...

thanks a lot. God bless..

Nina said...

Hi Danni,

So far I did not have problem with the touch screen feature. The phone has a warranty. Try to bring it back to the store where you bought it or call the store and ask them where to bring your phone. Demand for a replacement if all efforts to resolve the issue fail.


Anonymous said...

i also have a My Phone T22. I bought it last September. after a few months, my bluetooth started having some trouble. At first when it turned on or off, the phone turns off as well, then my bluetooth won't turn off anymore. what's more was that sometimes when other people bluetooth to my phone, my phone turns off. has anyone ever encountered this?

another problem was that, my phone would suddenly hang. the screen is black but the keypad still lights up. but after i restart it, it seems ok. any solutions??

Nina said...

Sorry, I haven't encountered that problem. I just use my phone for text and call and I don't use the other features of my phone. You can see some other issues with solutions in their website. (in the help section) and they also have the softwares (USB and phone suite) in this website.

If your problem with the phone is still unsolved, try to call their support hotline(number in their website) and it may solve your problem.

Anonymous said...

i have transfered mp3 files to m t22. what i did is i bought a memory card and it already has adapator. i insert the memory card to a card reader and i just copy-paste the mp3 from the computer to the memory card

Anonymous said...

i have transfered mp3 files to m t22. what i did is i bought a memory card and it already has adapator. i insert the memory card to a card reader and i just copy-paste the mp3 from the computer to the memory card

Anonymous said...

hello. just bought my t22 yesterday so i brought it home on. when i turned it off so i could insert another sim card, i'm having trouble turning it on. it's only after several i need to go back to the store and complain?

Nina said...

perhaps, it's best to return it to the store or contact the service center. Try to visit their website at

Anonymous said...

i thinks the only difference of myphone and other chinese dual sim na binebenta sa market is the warranty.. if you buy a myphone in an authorized dealer, may 1 year warranty ka.. but if you buy a dual sim phone na usually binebenta sa tabi tabi, 1 week- 1 month lang yung warranty.. if you try to search the internet,, you can find phones na hawig ng myphone models.. minsan mas mura pa.. 3500 for a normal dual sim and 6000 naman for a dual sim with tv..

all have features like:

gprs, bluetooth, and memory card slot..

i also have read that my phone is manufactured in china.. (parang chinese phone na tinatakan ng "MYPHONE" brand).. then tumaas ang presyo pag nandito na sa pinas kc branded na..

i have nothing against myphone brand,, kc i planning to get a 350 postpaid plan from suncell with a free myphone b22.. since myphone is purchasing/ manufacturing their phones in china, sna maging strict sila s quality control.. especially the accesories,(na usually not included sa warranty)..

for my experience naman sa my china phones,, ok nman ang performance.. ang problema lang is walang service center dito sa pinas.. i bought two of these phones,
the one bought here in the philippines, dual sim with radio and supplied with two batteries, with one week warranty.. (after 9 months of usage bigla nlang nag-hang then a phone repair shop told me na software problem daw and his charging me for 1500.. ;c.. )

while the other one bought in singapore, dual sim with radio and analog tv,,also has a 3.2 inch wide touch screen,supplied with 2 batteries,, with one year warranty.(but warranty valid only in singapore).. after 10 months of usage ok pa rin.. sira nga lang ung free na earphone..
but its ok coz the phone has a very loud , dolby surround quality speakers..;)

hope myphone can lower the prices of there dual sim phones because a lot of their co-china manufactured phones have better features with a lower price.. and also for them to import phones with newer features like analog tv and wifi...:)

Anonymous said...

add ko din po pala.. hope they can update their website : kasi it took me a lot of internet search para lang mahanap ung features ng MYPHONE B22, na up to now wala pa sa website nila.. thanks to guys like ms.Nina Lumberio for sharing some features and experiences of their phones for references..

Anonymous said...

I bought my T22 Dec 2007 so its beyond warranty. I had no trouble for over a year now, but up to now I have not tried using my T22 as a modem. When I plug my USB adaptor, I'm always prompted to turn off the unit or use it as a communications port. I turn it off when I want to upload or download files. But when I don't turn off my T22 and continue to use it in my PC, I always get prompted to install MT 6227. I don't have a driver for the installer. I tried to Google the driver, but I can't find one. I also checked My Phone Phils website, but there is no technical support on this MT 6227 communications driver. I suspected MT stands for Motorola, but when I checked the site, again I found nothing. Can you help me find this driver? Is it worth using it?

Nina said...

Honestly, I don't know what is MT 6227. I gave away my phone long time ago. Try sending e-mail to the customer service. Sorry, I can't be of any help in your problem.

Anonymous said...


reese said...

hey ask ko lng pwde b maupgrade ang t22 ko? if ever saan pwde?thanks po.

Nina said...


naku, sorry hindi ko alam kung pwede sya ma-upgrade. yong akin kasi hindi na nagwowork eh :)