December 8, 2007

Missing Christmas in the Philippines!

I found the above video from Travel Philippines Blog. Watching this Ad campaign, I suddenly miss Christmas in the Philippines. I miss the colorful and beautiful decorations and Christmas lights. I miss Christmas parties and exchange gifts. I miss Christmas shopping and carefully choosing each gift for my friends and loved-ones. I miss personally wrapping my gifts (although when I shop at Rustan's, I take advantage of free gift-wrapping and boxes) and writing messages on the gift cards. Most of all, I miss spending Christmas with my family. It's been years since the last time my family celebrated Christmas together. I can't remember anymore when was that last time but I do plan to spend Christmas in the Philippines in 2010. Hopefully, everyone will be home in 2010 to celebrate Christmas together once again.

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Anonymous said...

From Philadelphia! Merry Christmas to you and your family!!!