December 2, 2007

We’re Not Watching Rakrakan sa Dubai 2007 But We are going to Oman

We’re very excited about Rakrakan sa Dubai 2007 but we changed our plans. First, both of us do not have any leave credits left for this year. If we go, we can only stay in Dubai during the weekend of the concert and it will be a waste of trip to do that. I would prefer to have a proper holiday even if we're not paying for it. Second, we have been to Dubai twice last year. There are other nice places to see around Middle East besides Dubai.

After much thought, we decided to go to Oman during the Eid Al Adha, which is normally a 3-day holiday plus weekends. My husband's company will have an extended holiday from December 19 to December 25. I heard that Oman is really nice and even better than Dubai. Now, is really a good time to go. The weather at this time of the year is very pleasant for walking and sightseeing.

We still have a little problem though. We are supposed to use our raffle prize for this trip but according to the PR department of my husband’s company, the prize has already expired. I was surprised because we were not informed at all that that the prize has an expiration. In fact, when we won the raffle, they told us we can use it anytime until end of the year. I think these people are fooling us around. It's unfair and unjust to forfeit the prize without informing us. Anyway, we are in the process of sorting out this problem. I am hopeful that everything will be settled accordingly.

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