December 31, 2007

What Kept Me Busy Over the Last Weeks?

I've been busy over the past few weeks and I just couldn't cope with the things I need to do. On top of my work and regular tasks/chores, I had to do some errands here and there, some of which had to be completed before the long holiday during Qatar National Day and Eid Al-Adha celebration (December 18-25, 2007). Unfortunately, I had only two days of official holiday because the long holiday is for government and semi-government offices only :(
Despite my crazy schedule, Walter and I manage to escape for a short vacation in Oman (December 19-22, 2007), which was definitely a blast! A day before our departure, my youngest brother arrived to spend Christmas and New Year with us. Our Oman trip was already booked and confirmed when my brother informed me of his plans so we can't move our trip anymore.

Anyways, I did some catching-up with my brother when I came back. In the next two days (December 23-24), we toured my brother around Doha. We went to the Fish Market, Villagio Mall, Souq, Corniche and City Center. In between those trips, I made sure I bought groceries and other stuff I needed for Christmas, otherwise, we'll have empty kitchen during Christmas. In the afternoon of December 24th, my husband arranged a Desert Safari Tour from from Qatar International Adventures. After the tour, we headed to Toys R Us to buy gifts for our godchildren and our friends' sons and daughters. By the time we finished shopping, everyone was already hungry so we decided to have dinner at Thai Snacks and Restaurant in Al-Mirqab St. before heading to the City Center. We went home after closing City Center and waited for midnight.

In-land Sea

Dinner at Thai Snacks and Restaurant

Acrobatic Show at City Center

Obviously, I wasn't able to prepare anything for "noche buena" and had limited time to cook any special dish during Christmas day. I also wasn't able to send any greetings nor I was able to respond to the messages I received. I also missed some calls from my friends.

We went back to work after Christmas but we hit the road again during the weekend. On Friday, we watched basketball and the circus at Qatar Sports Club and we had dinner at Shanghai Chinese Restaurant in City Center although the circus and dinner were disappointments and waste of money. Then on Saturday, my brother did some shopping again. Sunday is back to work but I took leave of absence today and on the Jan 2nd (Jan 1st is official holiday) so that gives me 2 days of free time to spend with my brother before he leaves on Jan 1st and a free time for my self on Jan 2nd.

It was such a hectic schedule for us but it was an enjoyable time spent with my brother. We definitely had a grand time together!


Anonymous said...

this entry makes me want to visit Qatar. my friends often tell me that Qatar is an interesting place. maybe i can get the chance to pay Qatar a visit one of these days. :-)

happy new year to you!

Nina said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. Qatar is a nice country to visit although in terms of tourism, it's lagging behind Oman and Dubai. But then, Qatar is progressing exponentially so Qatar might be even better than Dubai in a few years! I hope you get a chance to visit one day!