January 1, 2008

The Almost Dick Whittington Pantomime

I love watching play and musical. It's good that there's a theatrical group in Doha staging a number of shows every year. We make sure to watch them whenever there is an opportunity. Last December, we watched Doha Players' annual Pantomime entitled Almost Dick Whittington, which is loosely based on the life Dick Whittington, a known merchant and politician in London.

It's embarrassing to admit but I really thought it was some kind of silent play. I realized, I was totally wrong when the show started. It's exactly the opposite! The audience were even encouraged to participate during the show. We enjoyed it and we had so much fun.

Individual Photos here.

Apparently, performing a Pantomime also informally called Panto around Christmas season is British tradition that goes back hundreds of years. In fact, the original Dick Whittington first appeared on a London Stage almost two hundred years ago. It is often confused with mime (like I did), which is is a theatrical medium or performance art, involving the acting out of a story by a mime artist through body motions, without use of speech. A Pantomime has traditions and conventions that are distinct from a regular play or musical such as gender role reversal and audience participation. Click here to know more about Pantomime.

Doha Players' next performance will be "King and I" sometime in March. If you are interested, visit their website for information on show dates and time.

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