January 7, 2008

Anniversary Dinner at Fish Market

Time passed so quickly and we hardly noticed that it's been four years since we said our I dos. Just like the previous years, me and my husband dined out to celebrate our special day. This year, we chose Intercon's Fish Market restaurant. We just can't get over the seafood feast in Muscat so we decided to have a second round in Doha. Actually, we had our dinner a day earlier of our actual anniversary because Fish Market's seafood buffet dinner is only every Friday.

The restaurant interior was cozy and dimly-lighted. There are countless selection of appetizers, salads, sushi, sashimi plus main entrees and deserts. There were fresh oysters and clams which are rarely found in Doha supermarkets. There are also steamed prawns, lobsters and crayfish. Fresh Tiger prawns and Canadian lobsters are also available for grilling at a cost. I was expecting though, that since Fish Market is located outside the hotel and near the beach, main entrees will include grilled seafood just like in Muscat. Nevertheless, it was spectacular dinner. Everyone was satisfied.

After dinner, we enjoyed the nice view of the West Bay skyline from the hotel's beachfront. West Bay is a reclaimed area, which is currently being developed as the Central Business District. Much of the building in our background is still under construction. I remember when I first came to Doha, there were only few buildings in this area. But now, residential and commercial towers, hotels, etc. are being being built faster than we could count them. We used a point and shoot camera only but Doha Snapper has a really good photo of Doha skyline.

View of Doha Skyline from Intercon's Beachfront

On our way home, we stopped by the corniche and strolled along the bay - something I haven't done for a long-long time. The corniche is a coastal area like "Roxas Boulevard" in Manila. Doha has one of the most beautiful corniche in the gulf. It is popular for walking, jogging, picnic and strolling especially for families. Across the corniche is West Bay skyline. I've been living here for almost four years already but I can count the times I've been here for a leisurely walk.

Stroll along corniche with West Bay skylines on the background

Corniche with Sheraton on the background

There are also small Dhow Boats available for cruising the bay for only QR 15/head. We didn't hire a boat but during my early days in Doha, Walter and I tried the Dhow boat cruise.

With my uncle and Dhow boat on the background

It was a great night and everyone had a blast! We also had interesting activities on the actual day of our anniversary. Watch out, my post is coming up!

More picture at my web album.


Vic said...

Happy Anniversary, Nina.

Nina Lumberio said...

Thank you, Vic!

mavis said...

Happy Anniversary! It's my first time to visit your blog, very nice.