January 19, 2008

Doha is out of LPG, can you believe that?

Update as of January 21, 2008 evening: Finally, the LPG cylinder was delivered to our house today at 7 pm. Whew! I also read from the paper this morning that there is also shortage of flour and fresh chicken. It so happen I stopped-by the supermarket on my way home to buy milk. Because I'm so curious with what's written in the paper, I check the flour shelves and the fresh chicken area. Yes! there's no all purpose flour particularly Flour no. 1 and The chicken is already sold-out. It's good I still have flour enough for several cakes/cookies/brownies recipes in my kitchen and I still have chicken in the freezer. This is not good. The Qatar government has to do something about it. :(

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Update as of January 20, 2008: There is still no gas. Whahhhhh!!!!!!!! If anyone knows where we can buy, please let us know!

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We were in Villagio Mall yesterday night and we were supposed to try the mongolian grill. Unfortunately, the mall ran out of gas supply. Since the gas supply is centralized, all food stalls are affected. It's UNBELIEVABLE! When we got home, we found out that we also ran out of LPG. I don't know why but we always run out of gas on Friday when shops are closed especially in the morning. According to my brother, they've been calling the LPG retailer but no one is picking-up the phone. My husband continued to call until he gave up and called it a night. The following day, we were able to contact the retailer and they promised to deliver LPG. We waited the whole day but nobody showed-up. My husband decided to go to the LPG retailer to follow-up personally but he was told that LPG is out of stock throughout Doha. I have no means to confirm if indeed there was LPG shortage, but if it is true, it's very disturbing! First the eggs and now LPG then what's next?


Anonymous said...

Ah yes... The LPG. We experienced the same thing just before New Year! To think that Qatar's economy is based on Gas!!!! We were also told the same thing but we went to one of the shops and got it directly from them as they didn't do any deliveries. I had to carry the LPG tank up to the third floor of our flat (no elevator).

Nina said...

Exactly! Qatar has the third largest gas reserves in the world, yet they run out of LPG supply for consumers. My hubby tried to look for a retailer somewhere near Matar Qadeem but no stocks too.

Now, I am thinking, maybe we should switch into electric stove.

Anonymous said...

ANO?! hahaha! that's the most ironic news I have ever heard! hahaha!!!

ano to? hoarding? hahaha! Ooops! sa pinas lang pala yun!

Nina said...

Hay naku reynz, ewan ko ba. Because of the exponential growth in economy and influx of expats here, there's shortage of everything. Houses, LPG, eggs, LPG pati chicken because of bird flu daw. The inflation is unbelievable - two digits - more than 10% and most commodities have increased the cost anywhere from 10-100%. Tapos nasa paper na naman naka ban daw ang eggs from india. Kaya kahit madami pang eggs sa fridge mega bili ulit ako kasi baka mawalan ulit ng supply. Last Christmas, I bought 6 eggs for almost $5!

Just imagine lugi na nga sa peso exchange rate ang taas pa ng inflation dito. Waaaaaaahhhhhh!!!

Joy said...

I don't understand. Why would there be a shortage of gas where you are? I hope by now you've got everything you need. And never mind the chicken. Stick to veggies for a while :D

I read your comments and replied to them in Reynz's blog. Yes, I did teach at DLSU, and FILI was one of the courses I taught. Small world!

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sadako said...

hello nina. I came from Reyn'z blog.

medyo nacurious ako sa latest entry mo dito.

Sa quatar pa nawalan ng LPG eh di ba jan nga galing ang karamihan ng fossil fuel natin?

baka sa susunod , gas stove naman ang mawala lol

happy weekend.

Nina said...

Hi Miss Joy,

It's small world indeed! Kaya pala familiar ang name. Anyway, clueless din kami bakit nagkakaubusan ng stock. Sobrang bilis kasi ng growth ng economy so ang bilis din ng pagdami ng mga expats. Pati bahay may shortage din :)


Nina said...

Hi bluep,

Thanks for visiting! Ewan ko ba, nagkaubusan din ata ng cylinder Lols. Alam mo ba, hindi ako magtataka kung maubusan ng stove. Halos kasi lahat dito imported. nung 2006 nga biglang lumamig than usual winter, so naubos ang stock ng heater. Hay!


Unknown said...

You bet, it's quite unbelievable that LPG supply runs out here in Doha. But having experienced the same fate, I guess it's not that hard to believe anymore. It was also a puzzle to us why they don't have LPG supply when Qatar thrives on it's petroleum industry. You're right, what could be next?