January 26, 2008

Doha Scam

Qatar is a relatively safe country with very low crime rate that is why my husband, Walter was really surprised with the unusual incident he experienced a few days ago. I am posting this to warn the residents who might find themselves in the same situation. Walter also posted this in Qatar Living and we found out that a number of Qatar residents were also victimized with the same modus operandi.

Last Thursday, while approaching the area where we live, my husband saw a car who seemed to be lost and doesn't know which direction to go. My husband flashed his lights to get the driver's attention because his car is blocking my husband's way. While my husband is parking his car, the other car tried to park behind his car. My husband already sensed something so he stayed in his car for about five (5) minutes waiting for the other car to leave. Then the other car started honking and the driver called my husband. Thinking he might have offended the man when he flashed his lights, my husband stepped out of the car and approached the man. Then the drama begins.

The man claimed that he came from Saudi by car. Unfortunately, his car broke down and used his money to fix his car. He desperately wants to go back to Saudi (Riyadh) but he didn't have enough money for petrol and food. Right at that moment, my husband knew it was some kind of modus operandi. The man continued that he wants to borrow money from him and let Allah reward him in return. My husband knows there's something fishy going on but he wanted the man to leave so he gave him QR100. But the man was unhappy with the QR100 and said he needs around QR500. My husband at this point offered to accompany the man to the police station to seek help. The man said the police cannot help him and started to cry. My husband was moved because for the first time an Arab man cried in front him. Walter even invited the guy for dinner and offered some food. The man was pleading but my husband didn't give in. Eventually, the man thank him and left. My husband didn't even bother to look anymore if indeed the car has a Saudi plate. He also did not regret giving the man QR 100, thinking the man probably needs it badly.

I am sharing this to warn Qatar residents of the above scheme. I encourage you to be more vigilant of the people around you and be very careful always. You could be the next victim and it could be worse.

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