January 12, 2008

Our Visit to the 2008 Trade Fair in Doha

We visited the heavily publicized International Trade Fair 2008 in Doha and honestly, it's quite disappointing.

First, parking was horrible. Any event expecting thousands of guest should consider sufficient parking space. I wonder why a huge international exhibition center has a very limited paved parking space. Oh I forgot, having lived here for almost four years, I shouldn't wonder anymore! But I can't help it. I don't mind walking a few meters from and to the parking lot - unfortunately, it rained last night and the unpaved area turned muddy. Just imagine what we had to go through just to get back to our car, not mention the thick mud in our shoes, several times of almost slipping in the mud and my husband's new car (less than a week!).

In my personal opinion, the word "international" did not live up to my own expectation. I was expecting world class quality products (particularly unique and famous products) from participating countries. To my disappointment, the trade fair was like one big air-conditioned flea market with over-priced goods! I would say that goods in Greenhills Tiangge, 168 and Divisoria Mall are much much better in terms of price and quality. I don't think I need to elaborate further. Those who attended the fair know what I mean. It's all media hype. But at least, my curiosity was satisfied. Next time, I will definitely skip this event.

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Anonymous said...

He he he. I was even telling Mavis the same thing; that it was better to go to Divisoria or to Wanchai/Ladies Market in Hongkong. Items were overpriced indeed! The only items we bought were some some woodwork animals from Africa.