January 31, 2008

Revisiting 2007

This post is late but hey, Chinese New Year isn't over yet. I just wanted to write how grateful I am for all the blessings we received not only in 2007 but also in the past years. 2007 had been particularly a very good year for us and it's so good that whatever not so good times we experienced can be considered insignificant already. The only thing missing is a Baby, which we hope will come soon. Looking back, here are some of things that made year 2007 special.

  • My husband's second promotion in 2006 was made official in January 1st of 2007. What a great year to start isn't it?

  • We won a holiday package for two to Dubai during the family day celebration in my husband's company. But since we've been to Dubai twice already, we went to Oman instead. I am yet to write my posts about Oman but pictures are here. Oman was awesome!

  • I've got an incentive from my work. It was unexpected but something I was hoping for.

  • My boss approved my request to attend a symposium in Austin, Texas. For the first time, my husband and I had the chance to visit the land of milk and honey. We extended our trip for a few days and visited my best friend in New York. The photos are here.

  • We had a month-long vacation in the Philipines and spent a great time with our loved-ones. During our vacation, I underwent a Lasik-Eye Surgery at Asian Eye Institute, which is quite a milestone in my life. For the first time in my life I can see without the aid of eye glasses. We also bought a property and started a financial investment.

  • Walter's grandma celebrated her 80th birthday. Walter went home (2nd trip for this year) for a few days to attend the party.

  • My paternal grandfather was hospitalized but we’re thankful that it wasn’t a serious illness and he was able to get out of the hospital in time for Christmas.

  • Walter and I enjoyed a year long of good health.

As I've said it's really been a great year. I am hoping a better year ahead! How about you? What made your 2007 memorable?

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