February 23, 2008

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February 22, 2008

Reyna Elena's Social Climbing Logo Contest

Mga kabisyo eto na ang aking votes para sa Social Climbing Logo Contest ng Queen ng Vaklingham Palace. Medyo nahirapan ako dito. Pero bago ko ibigay ang Ratings ko, magbibigay muna ako ng kaunting paliwanag tungkol dun sa mga entries.

Una, matagal ko ng na-download ito. Hindi ko na alam kung sino ang may entry ng kung aling logo. Sinadya ko talaga yon para maging fair ang boto ko. Hindi ko pa rin nakita ang current standing ng scores at wala ring nangampanya sa akin. Sarili ko lamang ang tanging impluwensya sa ginawa kong pagpili.

General Comment

Iba-iba ang demographics ng mga kabisyo. May lalake, babae, mga estudyante, yuppies, binata, dalaga, may asawa kung kaya sa tingin ko kailangan ay unisex ang logo. Datapwat ang ating mentor ay isang Reyna, sa aking palagay, ang logo ay kailangang kumatawan hindi lamang sa ating mentor kung hindi sa lahat ng mga kabisyo.

Maganda lahat ng entries. Nahirapan akong mamili pero hindi naman pwede lahat at number 1. Eto ang aking ranking:

Entry No. 1 - Fourth

Maganda ang logo na ito pero para sa akin, hindi na-represent ng logo ang mga kabisyo.

Entry No. 2 - Third

Kagaya sa Entry No. 1, parang hindi rin nya na-represent ang kabisyo.

Entry No. 3 - First
Pinagpilian ko ito saka yong Entry No. 5. Maganda yong Entry No. 5 kaya lang parang mas maganda kung maging header sya ng Reyna Elena dot com. Ito namang No. 3 medyo corny, parang ang sobrang serious lalo na yong mga tao, parang pang UN or UNICEF. Pero natuwa ako dun sa globe saka sa crown - it represents all kabisyos all over the world while the crown represent the Queen. Ewan ko ba basta kahit corny siya, ito ang vote ko for the Logo.

Entry No. 4 - Fifth
May pagka-sexy ito. Sa tingin ko hindi masyadong akma sa ating tinutukoy na Social Climbing.

Entry No. 5 - Second
Kagaya ng sabi ko kanina, maganda talaga ito pero mas bagay sya sa header ng Reyna Elena dot com.

Usapang Pinoy, Every Saturday at 6 PM (Doha Time)

I was hoping to watch the finals of WTA tournament Qatar Total Open but we don't have a ticket and my husband seems not interested because of the gusty winds that Doha is currently experiencing. The tickets are free but I'm not sure how to source it. Last time, we were lucky to get tickets from my husband's colleague whose wife works in the Qatar Tennis Federation. Anyways, I'm not really a tennis fan and not watching the finals means I can listen to Usapang Pinoy, a magazine radio program hosted by Dr. Joy Barredo.

Dr. Joy Barredo is my former professor in DLSU. I happen to meet her at Reyna Elena dot com, the blog of the Queen of Vaklingham Palace and the ultimate Social Climbing mentor. It was such a small world! Dr. Barredo is now living in Norwich, UK, and currently hosting Usapang Pinoy, which airs at Future Radio, every Saturday at 6pm Doha time. You can listen to her through the listen online link at Future Radio website. This week's guest will be Malen otherwise known as Chuvaness. Join them and send online messages during the show through the message link at Future Radio website. Also watch out for Joy and Reyna Elena's show in the coming weeks.

Dr. Joy also maintains the following blog:
A Pinay in UK
Your Love Coach
The Goddess in You
Norwich Daily Photo

Don't forget. Usapang Pinoy at Future Radio every Saturday at 6pm Doha time.

How to create sound from the dunes...

Picnic at Singing Dunes Part 1
Picnic at Singing Dunes Part 2

The singing dunes is said to produce sound naturally at the right timing/weather but we are not lucky to witness that. However, the sound can still be produced by sliding down the dunes like what my husband was doing in the video. The buzz-like sound during the early part of the video is coming from the dunes. The strong winds caused the noisy background from the middle part onwards.

Would you be interested to explore the singing dunes, if there's a chance?

More Photos

Picnic at Singing Dunes

February 16, 2008

Picnic at Singing Dunes Part 2

Picnic at Singing Dunes Part 1
How to create sound from the dunes

The Picnic
It's almost dark when I finally went back to our picnic area. By the time we started dinner, the sandstorm was stronger. We didn't set-up a bonfire anymore and we have limited lamps so it's a little bit dark around. Even if I don't see it, I'm sure we're eating dust and sand with our food! Despite the uncooperative weather, everyone enjoyed the picnic dinner. It could have been more fun and exciting if the weather is much better. We pack our things and left immediately after dinner. On our way back, the sandstorm got worse and visibility is reduced. We could feel the gusty wind while on the road.

Arriving Home Safely
As soon as I got home, I took a shower and washed my eyes several times. There's so much sand washed from my hair and ears. After several washings, my eyes is still uncomfortable. I feel grains of sand are trapped in my eyes. I applied saline solution to my eyes to ease the discomfort and pain but it didn't help. My legs and feet are also sore. I slept early hoping a good rest will take the pain and discomfort away.

The Day After
My eyes are still uncomfortable when I woke up. My husband and I decided to visit an opthalmologist. The doctor's diagnosis was allergic conjunctivitis. He gave me some eye drops. Hopefully, the discomfort will go away.

Some Tips
If you haven't been to the singing dunes yet, try to visit while the weather is still perfect for outdoor picnics. Here are some tips.

  1. Go in groups for safety and security.

  2. Prepare for the trip well. Make sure that you know where to go. If not sure about directions, join the convoy instead.

  3. Don't forget to charge the mobile phone, bring the map and the mobile numbers of the people joining the trip.

  4. Make sure you are equipped. Bring first aid kits and camping/picnic essentials. If you plan to stay after sunset, bring lamps, lights, jackets.

  5. There's no washroom so it can be a challenge during calls of nature.

  6. Bring safety glasses for eye protection in case of harsh weather conditions. Sunglasses is not enough and it's useless after sunset.

  7. Check the weather before the trip. I was kidding that we should have done a safety risk assessment to address possible safety hazards but apparently, my boss did a security/safety plan except the sandstorm is really unexpected.
Even if the weather didn't cooperate I would say that our first social gathering was successful! It gave us the oppurtunity to get to know each other, have fun together and enjoy!

Do you like camping? Any tips for our next camping/picnic? What outdoor activity do you enjoy?

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Picnic at Singing Dunes Part 1
How to create sound from the dunes
More Photos

Picnic at Singing Dunes

February 15, 2008

Picnic at Singing Dunes Part 1

I was preparing to climb the dunes.

One of the suggestions that came out of our regular office meetings is to have some kind of social gathering (including families) such as picnic, beach party, etc. Everyone liked the idea and some of my colleagues even volunteered to become part of the social committee who was incharged of the activities. There are three activities proposed at the beginning of the year and another three after summer. The first social activity is picnic at the Singing Dunes. The Singing Dunes in Doha, Qatar is one of the approximately 30 locations in the world where sound is naturally produced from the sand dunes.

Notice the crescent shape of dunes.

The sound is decribed as similar to a loud, low-pitch, rumble, and it emanates from the crescent-shaped dunes. The sound emission accompanies a slumping or avalanching movement of the sand, usually triggered by wind passing over the dune or by someone walking near the crest.

The Trip
The group decided to meet and drive in a convoy at 2 pm. Because we live on the other side of town, we decided to take the other route. Of all things, we forgot our map, my cellphone is lowbat and since I'm using a different phone (the old one), I don't have my colleagues' numbers. Fortunately, the mobile number of one of my colleagues is still saved in my old phone. Through several exchange of calls, we managed to find our way. When we arrived, some of them are already on top of the dunes.

I tried to climb the smaller dunes and I almost didn't make it. Believe me, it's not easy!

The Set-Up
The afternoon is a bit windy than usual. We arranged our SUVs such that it will also serve as a windbreaker. Then, everyone started to unload and set-up the chairs, tables, grillers, etc. Although my company organized the trip, the arrangement is bring your own stuff and meals. My colleagues were quite prepared and equipped. I noticed that westerners are fond of picnic and camping. It's our first time to have a picnic here and we really don't have picnic/camping materials. It's good that we at least brought two portable chairs. Hehehe...

This is the view from the top of the dune. There is already sandstorm when we took the photo; hence, the hazy background.

Palaying in the Dunes
My boss and another colleague brought slings and tennis balls. They throw the balls to the dunes while the dogs run after the tennis balls to bring it back to the owners and be thrown again. It's fun playing with the dogs.

To be honest, I was clueless how the sound is produced from the sand. I was glad the the 3 1/2 year-old son of my colleague thaught me how to make the dunes "sing." He told me to sit on the sand and slide down. The sound is produced if the sliding is done right way. The little boy was clever and amazing! Unfortunately, I wasn't able to take photos when he was demonstrating how to slide in the sand.

To amuse myself, I joined the group of people climbing to the top of the dunes. It took me forever to reach the top that I almost gave up. Hehehe... As I climb to the top, I feel that for every upward step I take, I slide two steps down. With almost 90-degree slope and soft sand, it's was a challenge! My boss' daughter already made several trips to the top and I am still halfway. *Whew!* Another challenge during the climb is the sandy wind a.k.a. sandstorm. I wish I have safety glasses to protect my eyes. I am very concerned because I just had my laser eye surgery a few months ago. Nobody expected that it's going to be exceptionally windy.

That's me (black shirt) and my hubby during the climb and the little boy in the middle is my colleague's son.

This the view of the picnic area from top.

We climbed to the top of dunes to have a good view of the sunset. It's very unfortunate that the sandstorm got stronger as we reach the top; hence, no sunset watching happened.

Do you enjoy going to picnic or camping?

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Picnic at Singing Dunes

How's Your Valentine Celebration?

I was creating another blog, All About Qatar last night and I got confused with my posts. I'm re-posting it here where it should really be...

Ours is quiet like the previous years. Valentine's Day is not celebrated here except by some westerners and Filipinos. No plans, nothing...but we're going to the singing dunes tomorrow with my colleagues. Nope, it's not a post-Valentine date, it's a company outing.

I watched "Pretty Woman" earlier from one of the cable channels. Such a romantic movie. I love it!

How's your Valentine's Day celebration?

February 10, 2008

I am Fab!

The Queen tagged me. Fabulous isn't it?

Create with your own picture at!

I am tagging Rachel, Ninette, Cynthia, Mavis and anyone who would like to do this meme.

Doha Players "The King and I "

The Doha Players will perform the popular Rogers & Hammerstein musical "The King and I" from 5th to 8th March at the College of the North Atlantic - Qatar, Duhail Campus, Building No. 1.

Performance Dates:

Wed 5th March, 7pm
Thur 6th March, 7pm
Fri 7th March, 2.30 & 7pm
Sat 8th March, 2.30 & 7pm

Tickets will be on sale from the following outlets, please note the date that sales commence.

39 Ahmed Bin Hanbal Street
(behind Lulu on D-Ring Road)
Near The Mall

Opening Times
Saturday 11am to 8pm
Sunday to Wednesday - 1.30pm to 8pm
Thursday & Friday - CLOSED

MUSIC MASTER shop in Landmark Mall - On sale from Tuesday 12th Feb
(opposite The Body Shop)

Open 10am to 10pm

Ticket Price: Adults Qrs70, Children/Students Qrs30

Tel. 4474911 or 5755102 (8am to 1pm Sunday to Thursday ONLY)


It is 1862 and The King of Siam, in his attempt to bring Western culture to his country, engages Anna Leonowens to teach his sixty-seven children. After Anna and the children become acquainted with each other, a unique bond of affection develops between teacher and pupils.
However a crisis is developing in Siam. An agent in Singapore has discovered letters to the British describing the King of Siam as a barbarian and suggesting that Siam be made a protectorate. This information upsets Anna to no end, for despite her differences with the King, she has come to admire him and cannot tolerate his being called a barbarian. When the King tells her of his political difficulties and advises her that Sir Edward Ramsey and other high-ranking English men and women are coming to visit Siam and judge for themselves, Anna suggests that they be entertained in grand style with a European dinner and ball, and with all the Siamese princes and princesses wearing European dress.

The visiting English are entertained with a ballet, "The Small House of Uncle Thomas", in which Uncle Tom's Cabin is translated in terms of the Siamese dance. The visit is a huge success: Sir Edward needs no further proof that he is dealing here with cultured and sensitive people. Both Anna and the King are exhilarated by the success of their efforts.

You really shouldn't miss this wonderful musical. There is a cast of around 45 children and 55 adults and you'll be dazzled by the spectacular costumes.

February 2, 2008

The Krispy Kreme Craze

We did not intend to visit Krispy Kreme during its opening at Villagio Mall but it so happen we went to Hyatt Plaza (Homes R Us) (adjacent to Villagio) to canvass for a new bed. On our way, my husband and I thought of stopping at Villagio Mall (beside Hyatt Plaza) to pick-up some Krispy Kreme. When we reached Villagio Mall, there's a long line of cars attempting to enter the parking area. The volume of cars and crowd is quite unusual. I'm not sure if it is because of Krispy Kreme's opening or because of increasing population. Frankly, I have no idea!

We dropped the idea of buying Krispy Kreme and proceeded to Hyatt Plaza. We didn't find a bed we like and already about to go home but we couldn't get over Krispy Kreme - to think we are not doughnut fans. We can walk to Villagio from Homes R Us but our car is parked on the opposite end of Home R Us while Krispy Kreme is on other end. Finally, we just decided to go to Villagio. As we approach Krispy Kreme, we saw more and more people carrying several boxes of Krispy Kreme. We were amazed at the huge crowd lined-up in front of the store although we waited less than 10 minutes for our turn because there are pre-packaged boxes already. We bought two dozens of donuts - one dozen glazed and one dozen assorted. The doughnut bread is good but some variety are just too sweet for me. To those who prefer the less sweet variety, I suggest Cinnamon Apple-filled, Powdered Strawberry-filled and New York Cheese Cake.

I must say it is the most successful store opening I ever witnessed in Doha. I wonder how many thousand dooughnuts Krispy Kreme sold on its opening day.

Glazed - QR 4 each
Assorted - QR 5 each

Glazed - QR 35
Assorted - QR 45

Double Dozen
Glazed - QR 55
Assorted - QR 65
Glazed and Assorted - QR 60