February 10, 2008

Doha Players "The King and I "

The Doha Players will perform the popular Rogers & Hammerstein musical "The King and I" from 5th to 8th March at the College of the North Atlantic - Qatar, Duhail Campus, Building No. 1.

Performance Dates:

Wed 5th March, 7pm
Thur 6th March, 7pm
Fri 7th March, 2.30 & 7pm
Sat 8th March, 2.30 & 7pm

Tickets will be on sale from the following outlets, please note the date that sales commence.

39 Ahmed Bin Hanbal Street
(behind Lulu on D-Ring Road)
Near The Mall

Opening Times
Saturday 11am to 8pm
Sunday to Wednesday - 1.30pm to 8pm
Thursday & Friday - CLOSED

MUSIC MASTER shop in Landmark Mall - On sale from Tuesday 12th Feb
(opposite The Body Shop)

Open 10am to 10pm

Ticket Price: Adults Qrs70, Children/Students Qrs30

Tel. 4474911 or 5755102 (8am to 1pm Sunday to Thursday ONLY)


It is 1862 and The King of Siam, in his attempt to bring Western culture to his country, engages Anna Leonowens to teach his sixty-seven children. After Anna and the children become acquainted with each other, a unique bond of affection develops between teacher and pupils.
However a crisis is developing in Siam. An agent in Singapore has discovered letters to the British describing the King of Siam as a barbarian and suggesting that Siam be made a protectorate. This information upsets Anna to no end, for despite her differences with the King, she has come to admire him and cannot tolerate his being called a barbarian. When the King tells her of his political difficulties and advises her that Sir Edward Ramsey and other high-ranking English men and women are coming to visit Siam and judge for themselves, Anna suggests that they be entertained in grand style with a European dinner and ball, and with all the Siamese princes and princesses wearing European dress.

The visiting English are entertained with a ballet, "The Small House of Uncle Thomas", in which Uncle Tom's Cabin is translated in terms of the Siamese dance. The visit is a huge success: Sir Edward needs no further proof that he is dealing here with cultured and sensitive people. Both Anna and the King are exhilarated by the success of their efforts.

You really shouldn't miss this wonderful musical. There is a cast of around 45 children and 55 adults and you'll be dazzled by the spectacular costumes.


Joy said...

Are you gonna see it?

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Anonymous said...

Yes! I love play and musical. Actually amateur lang ang Doha Players but they are good. They are composed of expats (most British)that are currently based here.