February 15, 2008

How's Your Valentine Celebration?

I was creating another blog, All About Qatar last night and I got confused with my posts. I'm re-posting it here where it should really be...

Ours is quiet like the previous years. Valentine's Day is not celebrated here except by some westerners and Filipinos. No plans, nothing...but we're going to the singing dunes tomorrow with my colleagues. Nope, it's not a post-Valentine date, it's a company outing.

I watched "Pretty Woman" earlier from one of the cable channels. Such a romantic movie. I love it!

How's your Valentine's Day celebration?


Anonymous said...

Mine was lovely. Besides, everyday is like Valentine's Day for us :)

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Anonymous said...

LOL, I worked. My husband was away. We agreed that the time we have together is more meaningful than Valentine's Day.

Heart of Rachel said...

Have fun at the singing dunes. Sounds exciting.

I had a lovely lunch with my boys ... my hubby and son. :)

Nina said...

@ Dr. Joy
It's good that everyday is like Valentines for you and Thom.

Both my husband and I also worked!

Thanks. We had fun. I'll do my post later..

Anonymous said...

me? as usual trabaho :)