February 10, 2008

I am Fab!

The Queen tagged me. Fabulous isn't it?

Create with your own picture at!

I am tagging Rachel, Ninette, Cynthia, Mavis and anyone who would like to do this meme.


reyna elena said...


Nina Lumberio said...

Of course!... hahahahahaha

Jamie said...

Nakakatuwa ang MagMyPic. Parang professionally done. Hehe.

You're in Qatar pala. Ang kuya ko rin kasi nasa Middle East. Sa Jeddah siya sa Saudi.

Salamat pala sa pag-accept ng Entrecard ad ko. :D

manilenya said...

parang kahawig mo yung sister in law ng sis ko :)

Image Tricks said...

Another fake magazine cover maker @

Heart of Rachel said...

This looks fun! Thanks for the tag. I'll let you know when I'm done with mine. I love the magazine covers you created. Very pretty.

BTW, regarding your question. I use Microsoft Digital Image Suite to put my url on my photos. It's a good idea to put some label on your photos to protect them from being used by others.

roni said...

ang ganda naman ni mam! hi po!

nina said...


Thanks for visiting :) Yap, I'm here in Qatar with my husband. Marami ding PInoy dito :)

Salamat sa pagbisita!

Cge, hintay ko yong post mo. Try ko rin yong MS Digital Image Suite.


Joy said...

Everyone is doing it! But it is fun, isn't it? And I like your Vogue cover! :)

A Pinay In England
Your Love Coach
The Goddess In You
Norwich Daily Photo

Salve said...

galing! ganda mo! :)

nina said...

@ Dr Joy
Salamat sa pagdaaan! Yap it's fun. Gusto ko gawin lahat...

@ Salve
Thanks for visiting. Gawin mo rin :)

manilenya said...

salamat din sa pagbisita :)

Heart of Rachel said...

I justed posted my magazine covers.