March 28, 2008

The King and I by Doha Players

One of the things that both me and my husband do enjoy is watching a play or musical. Whenever there's a performance here in Qatar, we make sure not to miss it. I really felt bad we were not able to watch The Little Mermaid staged by our very own Trumpets Company during the 7th Doha Cultural Festival; but we're glad we had the chance to watch The King and I.

The King and I

1. Princess Laiwan with other Royal children, 2. The King and Ana, 3. Kralahome, 4. Tuptim and Lun Tha escapes, 5. Ballet - Small House of Uncle Thomas, 6. The End - Presentation of cast

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The King and I [Synopsis is here] is another successful production of Doha Players - the only "English" theater group in the country. Doha Players are composed mostly of westerners that is why we were thrilled when we found out that three Filipinos are part of the major cast. The three Filipinos played the roles of Princess Laiwan (the lady in front, photo #1), Kralahome (photo #3) and Lun Tha (the male in photo #4).

The play was fantastic! The actors did well - great performance I must say. The Pinoy performers of course are very good! Hoping to watch more Pinoy in future Doha Players productions. Do you also like play and musical?

I have video clips but the file is too large - can't upload them to you tube and jumpcut. Any suggestion for free video editing software?

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Heart of Rachel said...

I love The King and I. I'm glad you enjoyed watching the play. Great photos.