March 28, 2008

Pinoy Definitely Rocks

Pinoy definitely rocks! The Pinoy Rock concert held at Aladdin Kigdom on 29th of February 2008 was a huge success!!! The main performance started with Gloc 9 followed by Pupil (Ely Buendia's new band), Francis M, Kamikazee and finally, Parokya ni Edgar. Except for Parokya, it's my first time to watch these Pinoy performers in a concert.

Gloc 9 and Francis M are solo performers so they didn't have a live accompaniment. Ely Buendia rendered many of Eraserhead's old hits such as Pare ko, Ang Hulling El Bimbo, Alapaap, etc. Francis M performed his timeless hits such as Ito ang Gusto ko and Mga Kababayan ko. Kamikazee draw the crowd's attention with Jay's humor and the band's spectacular performance. Kamikazee was the ultimate performer of the night! After Kamikazee, it was Parokya ni Edgar's turn to render old and new hits. Towards the end of their performance, Francis M, Gloc 9 and Jay of Kamikazee joined Parokya ni Edgar for the grand finale. The concert was very successfuland we really had a blast despite standing in the Aladdin g rounds for hours. Pinoy defnitely rocks!

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Anonymous said...

magaling talaga ang pinoy :D nung asa manila nga lang kami kahit na tambay lang sa hotel bars galing na talaga e. pano pa kaya yung mga EB namin sa karaoke bars, ahahaha

Anonymous said...

I can just imagine the racket they must have created. you're lucky to have all of them in one concert. I doubt if they'd agree to the same set up here.

Anonymous said...

Great to hear Pinoy bands did some tour there. I'm sure you guys enjoyed hearing our local artists,

Toni said...

Those bands are awesome. Parokya rocks!

Anonymous said...

ang saya! i love Parokya and vintage FrancisM! sigh. we never get fun bands in tokyo.

Heart of Rachel said...

Filipinos are really talented. Glad you had a chance to watch those great performers in concert.

Nina said...

oo nga eh, dami ng nadidiscover kahit sa you tube! Di ba kayo na-discover?

Back in 1990s there's a summer jam concert in Subic. There were more than 20 bands including the popular ones like after image and introvoys. I cannot forget that concert. I gave up and went home disappointed. Madaling araw na di pa nangangalahati yong concert!

We did enjoy the night, masakit lang sa legs, tagal namin nakatayo!

I agree. We also watched them in Dubai in 2006.

You should watch Kamikazee - they are fantastic - medyo may pagka green lang.

Many performers already held concerts here but it's our first time to watch!

Anonymous said...

hi nina! i was here a few days ago and i'm surprised the comment i supposedly left did not appear. hee hee. anyway, i got here via toni's latest readers' comment interaction. you were the one who answered the question i posted. :D