April 11, 2008

Join Doha Pinoy Shooters Group!

Walter and I just joined Doha Pinoy Shooters group. It is a group formed by Pinoy residents in Doha who are interested in photography (newbie and experienced). The group has 73 members (current as of today) and still growing. There are also other nationalities who joined but majority of the members are Pinoys. By joining Doha Pinoy Shooters, we hope to learn from other members and be inspired by them. Actually, I'm just a wannabe. My husband is the one really interested in photography. If you are also interested to become a member, visit the Doha Pinoy Shooters Flickr page.


Joy said...

Hey, it's great that Pinoys are getting into the game. Photography is such a therapeutic hobby. If you're into it, you may want to visit my site Norwich Daily Photo where I post a slice of life in Norwich through daily photos.

By the way, I think your last comment on my blog got eaten by Akismet! Sorry.

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Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Nina. That sounds exciting. Hope you meet lots of new friends. Sharing your interest with other people is always a worthwhile activity.

ms firefly said...

hi nina,
hopped here from toni's!
i have a friend who is now in doha also, working with a government agency on real estate i think.
beautiful pic by the way of the burj al-arab hotel!

Anonymous said...

go, go pinoys!

Lena said...

akala ko...firing squad eh, barilan hahahahha

have a nice day nins!

Anonymous said...

Go pinoys!!! Thanks for the info. I have learned something from your blog.