September 10, 2008

Stressful Morning!

What could be worse than having flat tires in the middle of a highway early in the morning? I was clueless that I am already running on flat tires. While traversing the main road, the passenger of the car passing me made some circling signs. I did not understand it but I sensed that there is something wrong so I decided to stop at the shoulders. I felt so down and helpless when I saw my tire rim is almost touching the ground - that means I won't be able to move my car anymore. Grabe talaga, nakakaloka! I was stressed!

First, I don't know how to change tires and even if I can do it, I'd rather not! I also don't know of any company/agency whom I can call for assistance. I'm lucky that somebody was willing to help me. Actually, two people helped me.
Second, I found out I don't have a jack and the nearest tire shop will not open until 9:30 AM. I need to be at the French Embassy before 10:30 AM to submit our Schengen visa application. I can't waste 1 1/2 hours and wait for the tire shop to open. But I'm really lucky this morning. A Filipino guy passing by - lent me his jack. After 15 minutes or so, my car was already fixed. Yey!
Before I sped away, I gave QR 50 ($1 = QR3.65) to the two guys who fixed my tires. I don't have a smaller bill but I don't mind. My QR 50 will not inflate my tires and it will not give me a Schengen visa. It was a stressful morning but not enough to dampen my spirit and ruin my day!
Do you know how to change flat tires?


Anonymous said...

nope, dont ask me things about the car. hindi nga ako marunong maglagay ng gasolina sa kotse namin e, hehe. pero kita mo na, marami talagang mabait sa mundo! uy, bakasyon kayo sa france?

Nina said...

yes, pupunta kaming France and Italy with my college friend. Sayang nga eh di ako makakadaan sa Germany :) Sa susunod guguluhin kita dyan :)

Heart of Rachel said...

I leave the driving to my hubby so I also depend on him to change flat tires.

It's good that those people stopped to lend you a hand. You certainly made their stop worthwhile. :)