September 15, 2008

Ridiculous Requirements at Philippine Embassy!

***Please be warned that this entry has a lot swearing and offensive words***

I'm fuming mad since this afternoon because of an incident at the Philippine Embassy in Doha, Qatar. Actually, I did not go there personally. Our liaison officer brought my diploma to the Philippine Embassy for authentication. However, the Philippine Embassy refused saying that my diploma needs a "red ribbon" before they can authenticate it.

What is that f*c*i*g "red ribbon"? When documents such as Birth Certificate (BC) , Marriage Certificate (MC), Diploma and Employment Certificates are brought to Department of Foreign Affairs in Manila for authentication, a red ribbon is attached to the document along with an authentication certificate. Most OFWs are required to produce DFA-authenticated documents as part of their application process - mostly for visa processing. Take note (I don't know if it's still required today) before bringing your document to DFA, you need to have it authenticated in Malacanang first - not to mention that BCs and MCs are already authenticated by NSO. Take note also that DFA authentication is valid for six (6) months only! I believe DFA also requires that BCs and MCs from NSO to be less than six months old! If I remember it right, authentication fee alone used to cost P100/document at DFA back in 2004. Imagine how much revenue they generate from this crappy authentication thing. With hundreds (perhaps thousands) of applicants everyday, how are they able to verify all those documents?...and diplomas? What is the authority of DFA to confirm a diploma is real? I doubt if they even verify from schools.

Now why I am fuming mad? Because my Filipina colleagues also had their diplomas authenticated sometime ago but the Philippine Embassy did not require the f*c*i*g red ribbon. I don't understand why DFA authentication certification is being required now. I also don't understand why they accepted my NBI Clearance and not my diploma even the original was shown to them? Why the inconsistency in their procedures? Do they realize how much trouble it is to get it done? and the cost? The Qatar Labor Department only needs an Embassy Stamp. The don't care about the f*ck*ng red ribbon so what is their f*c*i*g problem?

They are wasting my time. You see, the Philippine Embassy regular timings is 8AM to 4PM. The employees are (sometimes? always?) late because of traffic! Why am I not surprised? I wonder why I can be at the embassy before 8 AM and they can't come on time? Every time I need to go to the embassy I have to excuse myself from work. Actually, all OFWs had to excuse themselves from work because there's no other time. They close at 4 pm and because of Ramadan, they now close at 2 PM. WTF! They are not even fasting! I just submitted my Schengen Visa application at the French Embassy and they have regular schedule. Honestly, I am not the only one complaining here. I hear a lot of complaints regarding the rude behaviour of employees at the Philippine Embassy in Qatar but also in other countries. Why do they have to be rude to fellow Filipinos? They are supposed to be providing services - good services to Filipino citizens who deserves to be treated well. If their bad behavior is because of too much work and less pay, they should quit their job. They are government SERVANTS and they are supposed to SERVE period. I was once a government employee and I'm proud to say that I served my countrymen well.

Oh well, I'm too damn furious at the moment. The red ribbon thing is ridiculous! Now, I want to know how are Philippines Embassies and their employees in other countries. If you have any good or bad experience from the Philippine Embassy here in Qatar or in other countries, please share it here so that other people and the Philippine Government will know how the supposedly government servants are behaving!


Anonymous said...

I do agree that the Philippine Government actually makes it more difficult for Filipinos to get documents they need for travel or other purposes. I remember lining up in DFA to get some authenticated papers and it was hell.

Why can't these guys here in Doha provide good service when it's the only work that they have to do? I'm sure they're getting paid better than their counterparts in the Philippines.

Anonymous said...

As you know, dahil regular ka sa reyna hahaha, at dahil dual sex ang lola, dual citizen ekek ever ang chorva ko.

Sa New York naman, they're very very organized at nice naman. At least yun ang experience ko. Nung naging pinoy uli ako, although it still took a day to process the papers, at least ok na yun saken. And I was really surprised na ganun sila ka sociable and I was even kidding kung anong nakain nila why they acted like that kasi nga I was expecting the otherwise, not like when I went to Washington DC many years ago dahil nagparenew ako nang passport ko. Leche! Nairita ako dun! Di na ako bumalik. Mabuti na lang, I found out na ang Philly Pinoys falls sa responsibility nang NYC's Phil Embassy, kaya next time around, dun ako napadpad.

Kairita ang experience mo, Kahit ako mapapaputang ina!

Nina said...

@xtian and reyna elena,

Thanks for the comments. May part 2 ito kasi tumawag ako sa embassy nakipagusap ako at inalam ko bakit kailangan ng red ribbon. I will blog about it wala lang ako time. Busy pa. Actually kung requirement talaga walang problema at pwede kong gawan ng paraan. Pero ayaw na ayaw ko sa lahat pag dead end ang sagot meaninng di ka man lang binigyan ng solusyon. I hate that!

Anonymous said...

hay naku nina, i had the same problem; we wanted to apply for our marriage license via pe-tokyo, but they needed everything authenticated and it was such a hassle that we decided to wait until we got home.

having volunteered at the embassy before, i can kind of understand din naman, there have been a lot of forgeries din kasi. sigh.

btw, welcome back! ;-)

Anonymous said...

hi nina, irritable talaga ano? kakatakang public servant sila mantalang kung minsan kung tratuhin ka nila e para kang basura, hmpf :) sa dami kasi ng red tape sa atin, lalong bumabagal ang takbo, aksaya ng oras at gastos; atsaka kasi rin daming peke kaya dagdag sakit ng ulo din. nung inayos ko ang papeles ko dito sa alemanya, inabot ako ng anim na buwan, at alam mo kung gaano kakapal? mga tatlong encyclopedia!

Nina said...

hay grabe, next year pa ako uuwi. hindi ko alam kung ipapadala ko yong diploma sa pinas. Ayaw ko kasi ipa-courier dahil yon ang original. Buti na lang family ang visa so hindi urgent ang need. Pag kasi work visa - kailangan talaga.

GaNdAnGsHeY said...

Thanks for this blog, now i know what i have to face in the coming days. dito pa ako sa pinas but recently hired ng phil school doha. nakakawindang dahil urgent ang hiring and as in lahat urgent! target departure before end ng july. kailangan ng superpowers ng time and bulsa para jan sa authentication na yan grabe! rampa to the max ang fats ko nito sa mga institutions (CHED, PRC, NBI, DFA). sana nga lang matapos lahat ng chuvanes na ito before magfly kung hindi bonggang gastusan sa courier para lang makacomply jan sa qatar. oops, di ba rin talaga safe ang courier papunta jan? hay, wish me luck!

yuri said...

Bakit nga po kaya,halos karamihan ng nagtratrabaho sa Philippine Embassy ay walang galang sa kapwa nila?mapa Japan at,Brazil pareparehas lang.Na experience ko pong tumawag dito sa Brazil sa Embassy natin dahil kinailangan ko ng impormasyon,binabaan ba nman ako ng telepono may sinasabi pa ako,irita talaga ko.Kapwa nila Filipino di nila matrato ng maayos.