October 15, 2008

After the Vacation...

We're back! Walter and I immensely enjoyed the great museums, churches and monuments and the time we spent together. Ofcourse, with Sheila and her mom, the entire trip from France to Italy is more fun. But then, after an enjoyable trip, oftentimes, you feel like you need another vacation to re-energize yourself. I’m sure you know that feeling of wanting to extend your vacation so you can sleep all you want, chill out at home or have a chat with friends. That’s exactly what I wanted to do when we came back early Saturday morning. But then, I don’t have the luxury of time to do that. I need to get things going in order to accomplish my long list of to dos because I need to report for work the following day.

It’s ironic that after you take a vacation to relax; you stress-out yourself trying to catch-up and make-up for times you’ve been away. As soon as we reached home, I immediately unpacked our suitcases. I segregated our dirty laundry and loaded them into the washing machine. I also organized the souvenirs and the presents, Then, I check my office and personal e-mails and my feeds. I received hundreds of e-mail while away and I also accumulated almost 800 of unread feeds. It’s amazing that some of my favorite bloggers were able to post around 40 to 70 blogs in a span of two weeks. Whew! It’s down to 600 now but new feeds are added everyday so I don’t know if I can even reduce my unread feeds to half anytime soon.

Sounds hectic? That’s not all; there is something else which can be a little bit depressing – calculating the travel expenses and up-coming credit card bills. Those expenses were planned but still, it's a significant amount so I'm thinking of ways to recover them. Right now, I am seriously considering buying and retailing of Wholesale Clothing as a source of additional income and to supplement my monthly salary and fund my future travels. The upcoming Christmas Season, is very good opportunity to earn from selling children’s, women’s and men’s clothes. Buying at cheap wholesale prices, I would be able to sell them at much affordable and competitive retail prices.

After pondering on the money thoughts and future travel plans, I slept for nearly 5 hours. I woke up before 7 pm, with just enough time to prepare for watching live Pinoy Rock Band concert. I couldn’t pass because my hubby already bought the tickets long time ago. I went to work the following day still feeling a bit tired. But it's alright. Traveling is one great experience I don't want to miss especially if Walter is with me!

Photos and write-up about the travel is coming soon so watch-out for them. How about you? Do you also like traveling? How do you deal with after-travel stress?


Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Nina. Glad you're back. Looking forward to hear more about your fabulous vacation.

BTW, I have an award for you. Sorry I wasn't able to tell you sooner.

Anonymous said...

Hi Nina,

Good for you. Having a vacation is one of the things I really want to do but can't for now due to a very busy sched. Usually, I try to get more sleep after a long vacation coz when I'm still at it, I usually sleep so late. Enjoying to the max! lol :-)

Nina said...

thanks for the awarard. dami ko na award from you.

Thank you for visiting. Hope you can have your vacation soon!