December 28, 2008

Christmas Dinner 2008

It's my 5th Christmas celebration in Qatar. Being a Muslim country, Christmas here is just another ordinary day. It is noticeable though that shopping malls have more elaborate decorations now as compared to my first Christmas here in 2004. Also, many shops are now selling Christmas decors and goodies. It's really good that Qatar is tolerant of Christmas celebration. However, Christmas here is still dry and sad.

I filed for leave of absence in order to get a day off from work on Christmas day. Other companies such as my husband's and my brother's declared a holiday. Since everyone still went to work on the 24th, we didn't have time to prepare Noche Buena so we just had dinner at Bennigan's. Nothing special at Bennigan's - I just wanted to dine somewhere we haven't been before. The menu is very much like Chili's, Apple Bee's and Friday's. Interestingly, I just found out that Bennigan's company-owned restaurants in United States have closed down after filing for bankruptcy in July 2008 although franchises remained open.

Christmas Eve Dinner

After dinner, we went to corniche to take photos. Corniche again? Yes - because there's no other place to go to.

nina at corniche

Group photo with buildings as the background....

group at corniche

Nothing compares to the Christmas celebration in the Philippines but as the saying goes, the most important thing is being with your loved-ones during Christmas. I am so lucky that I have a family here to celebrate Christmas with. I hope you also had a meaningful and blessed Christmas. May you have a great year ahead!

Photo credit: The last two photos taken by my husband.


Joy said...

Christmas this year has been the best! Totally enjoyed it, and looking forward to tonight's celebrations, too! Perhaps you'll spend Christmas in Manila next year?

Thanks for visiting A Pinay In England. Happy 2009!

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Anonymous said...

hi nina, nung asa thailand ako our boss would give us dec 24th half day and christmas day free :)

happy new year, dear nina

Tanchi said...

hello :)
reall, a wonderful christmas it is

anyway, happy new year po.
goodluck sa 2009

visit my entry too:

Nina said...

Salamat Tanchi sa iyong pagdalaw. Manigong bagong taon din sa iyo!

Nina said...

Doc Joy and Kengkay, salamat sa dalaw at sa greetings!!!

Heart of Rachel said...

The best part of Christmas is spending it with the special people in your life. I'm glad you had a meaningful Christmas.

Anonymous said...

that's a nice photo of you, nina :) at ang tagal mo na palang living abroad. :) happy new year!