January 21, 2009


Sometimes, there are unimportant things that bothers me. One of them is the space after a period and another one is the use of word mileage to mean travel allowance or total distance traveled.


Pronunciation: \'mī-lij\

Function: noun

Date: 1754

1: an allowance for traveling expenses at a certain rate per mile2: aggregate length or distance in miles: as a: the total miles traveled especially in a given period of time b: the amount of service that something will yield especially as expressed in terms of miles of travel c: the average number of miles a motor vehicle will travel on a gallon of gasoline that is used as a measure of fuel economy

Source: Merriam-Webster

So what's the fuss? It's just that Qatar and Philippines are using metric system; hence, distance (especially distance travelled by cars) are measured in meters, kilometers, centimeters, millimeter and not miles. But then I guess, in the end it doesn't really matter as long as you can understand each other. Besides, I also don't know any word with similar meaning but less specific to the unit of measurement so I guess, I will still use mileage :)

*Updated Jan 26, 2009*

Oh I forgot, the air miles accumulated in air travel is also called mileage but that one is used properly because the mileage points is really calculated based on the distance travelled in miles. What bothers me sometimes is when car travel allowance is referred to as mileage when in fact the allowance is based on kilometers travelled (atleast here and in the Philippines). Also, when you have a car, you are usually asked "Ilan na ba ang mileage ng kotse mo" (how many mileage have you done already?) though the distance displayed is really kilometers.


Anonymous said...

hehehe, ewan ko ba bakit ang mileage namin e hindi nag e-age, hahaha

lumilipad lang kasi kami kapag papunta ng asya e. pag dito sa oyropa e kotse lang. bakit kaya walang mileage kapag land ang ginamit :D

Anonymous said...

hehehe pag mileage ang naiisip ko lang free flight wahehehehe...

Nina said...


meron din mileage pag land travel pero charge to your car :)


oo nga pala, yong air miles eh tinatawag ding mileage pero in that case, mileage is used properly kasi yong air miles is usually based on the distance flown using miles as the unit of measurement.