January 29, 2009

Priorities of a Good husband

I came across a blog entry entitled "Duties of a Good Husband" from A Good Husband. The post was interesting as it talks about what should be the order of priorities of a good husband according to Richard Moffat. Okay, I don't know who Richard Moffat is. I tried to google him but I didn't find relevant results. Anyhow, A Good Husband listed the following priorities in order of importance.

1. A Higher Power
2. Self
3. Spouse
4. Chruch/Volunteering
5. Career
6. Social

The complete entry is here. The post is interesting but it made me feel good seeing the spouse is third on the list while career and social are at the bottom. That means as a spouse I have every right to be given attention and importance before career and social. It's surprising though that the kids are not on the list. I assume spouse also means family.

I know some husbandsd can be very workaholic or have too much social activities like hanging out with friends 'til morning, bar hopping or simply chilling out. I hope every husband out there should not forget that their wife should be given more attention and importance than career or social activities.

Do you agree with listed order of importance? Are you a good husband?


Anonymous said...

si kengkoy? una sa kanya ang maging tatay, tapos maging asawa tapos pantay pantay na sa kanya yung iba pa.

A Good Husband said...

Thanks for the mention. Richard Moffat was a bishop that led my congregation from 2003 - 2005 in Salt Lake City, UT.

and, yes...spouse includes family. ;)

Joy said...

I'm glad that self came before spouse :) I keep telling my significant other that, but he disagrees.

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