January 29, 2009

Revisting my 2008 Goals

I know, this post is long due. Most people revisited their last year's goal as the New Year unfolded. But I guess it is still good to post how I fared in fulfilling my my 2008 goals before writing my 2009 goals.

Last year, I targeted to review my goals regularly and post the progress in this blog. While I am able to do the regular reviews, unfortunately, I am not able to post my progress. Nevertheless, I am quite happy with my last year's achievement.

Last year, I divided my goals into three parts: Personal, Work and Financial. The financial goals included anything that involved significant amount of money. Other goals went under personal and work-related ones went under personal goals at work. I pasted my 2008 goals here (bold) and wrote my accomplishments below each goal.

Personal Goals

Have a baby.
This is more of a hope/wish rather than a goal. Unfortunately, we were not blessed with a cutie little angel yet. This year, I plan to visit a good doctor back home for serious consultation.

Lose 20 pounds by end of the year.
I lost about 14 lbs and gained it back towards the end of the year! I have to persevere more this year.

Read at least one book per month.
I’ve read only four (4) but I visited lots and lots of blog. I haven’t really read any good book for a long time. I will add this again to my 2009 goals.

Do at least one different activity per month.
I did ten (10) new activities including (watching tennis games (men’s), trip to singing dunes, an afternoon at Wakrah beach, Dukhan beach, Zekreet, Fuwairit Beach, Fort Zubarah, attending 110th Philippine Independence Day, The Pearl Qatar, watching tennis games (women’s), Al Ghariya Beach. I also tried five (5) new eating places.

Personal Goals at Work

Complete at least one on-line training per week.
I started slow, letting the first few weeks pass not doing any training. When I realized that I am not progressing, I set a specific day and time for doing the on-line trainings. From then on, I consistently finished three (3) for four (4) trainings per week. By mid-year, I 've completed the all the required training for Project Management(PM) certification.

Complete the PM Curriculum.

This is related to the above. I've completed all the trainings required and I just need to pass the board interview (which is one of my 2009 goals) to become full-pledged certified Project Manager.

Personal Finance

Achieve my planned savings of _________ for 2008. Keep part of this amount in a high-yield savings account. Then a good portion of this will be allotted for a family trip to Hong Kong in 2009.
Me and my husband started saving a certain amount every month and we did open a high yield savings account, which was supposed to serve as our emergency fund too. However, we had to revise our savings plan when we found a lot property in a very good location. We did not achieve our original cash savings goal but I believe we've made a very good investment move despite the current global financial crisis.

Open a high-yield savings account in Qatar by 2nd Quarter.
I did open a high-yield savings account (cum emergency fund) but much of it was diverted into a lot investment. This year, we plan to replenish this account.

Start a financial investment (equity) in Qatar by 3rd Quarter.
I was able to accomplish this by second quarter of the year although I wish I did not do it too soon because by third quarter, the global financial crisis happened. My investments shrank almost 50%. But since I have a long-term outlook, I am not worried at this point.

Pay my credit card in full every billing cycle.
I was glad that in 2008, I did not incur any finance charge for my credit cards. I diligently paid all my credit card bills every month.

Repainting of my old car by 3rd quarter.
It costed a lot of money including other repairs but this goal was accomplished.

Travel to at least one international destination by end of the year.
Despite some hesitation, we went to France and Italy. I wish though, we went a few weeks later when the Euros weakened :)

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